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Synonyms for federalisation

the state of being under federal control

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the act of being put under federal control

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Vadim Kozyulin, a senior research fellow at the PIR Centre, a Moscow-based independent think-tank, in a comment to RBTH, argues that, if the federalisation scenario unravels in the long run, Russia has nothing to lose but can count certain gains.
The federalisation of schools is going to happen according to the Welsh Government and what we need to do is manage the process and to ensure we have the best headteachers to lead educationally with help from professional managers.
Since then federalisation has proceeded apace and most Spaniards see themselves as Spanish and as part of their own region.
Its presence is a result of the federalisation of Belgium, and the Walloon Region's public commitment to independence, to local ecology and to economic prosperity.
SCHOOLS earmarked for federalisation in Gwynedd will have to wait another year to know their fate.
Neath Port Talbot is following a policy of non-closure of schools and is looking towards amalgamation and federalisation as a way of keeping schools open.
The union, which represents nearly 12,000 pilots with American Airlines, has praised the Airport Security Federalisation Act of 2001 but called for a more firm approach with regard to firearms for pilots.
The rebels said a federalisation plan agreed in February following national talks as part of a political transition would divide Yemen into rich and poor regions.
SCHOOLS earmarked for federalisation across Gwynedd will have to wait another year to know their fate.