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The federal government is now withdrawing its support largely because of the new charitable contributions rules.
Health and Human Services Secretary Mike Leavitt came to Los Angeles and said the federal government would provide $100 million for pandemic flu preparations, including $6.
The American headquarters of the church in New Mexico had been thrust much further into the public view than any of its 130 or so members would have liked after the federal government tried to stop it from using a tea that contains an illegal hallucinogen.
In exchange, the federal government shares the risk of terrorism losses above a certain level.
provided computer technology professionals to the federal government on a contract basis for five years.
The Anglican church has been paying 30 per cent of validated claims of abuse, while the federal government has been paying 70 per cent of such claims.
The suit, unsealed late yesterday, alleged that ORACLE had violated the False Claims Act in connection with billing the federal government for software training services.
As President of the Toronto Chapter of Tax Executives Institute, I want to express TEI's appreciation for the Ontario government's proposal to work with the federal government toward establishing a single corporate income tax collection system.
2) The federal government may have primary jurisdiction over Canada's relations with foreign countries and international economic policies; however, the diverse effects of North American economic integration on areas of overlapping federal and provincial jurisdiction have contributed to the spread of what may be described as "complementary federalism"--an approach to shared or overlapping government jurisdictions in which federal and provincial governments carry out related but operationally independent functions that recognize areas of common and discrete jurisdiction.
The Federal government employs African American men and women at a higher rate than employed in the U.
federal government is the world's largest creator, disseminator, and user of information, the criticality of having a strong policy framework is obvious.
As a Human Resources Specialist for the United States Department of Agriculture, I applaud your analysis of the recruitment and retention challenges that face the federal government today.
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