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a district set apart as the seat of government of a federation

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18) The guidelines set forth in the Lanham Act provide parties with the option to obtain a civil judgment, both in the Federal Circuit and in the federal district court systems.
Novaar, in co-operation with preferred strategic partners, will invest in designated infrastructure projects throughout the Urals Federal District through the newly-formed joint venture, said a top company official.
Newman, filed a motion in the Manhattan federal district court requesting that the material witness warrant be vacated.
Federal Trade Commission, filed in Federal District Court in Colorado (and including the American Teleservices Association as a plaintiff), similar allegations were made concerning the First Amendment and equal protection.
The case is pending in the federal district court of the District of Columbia.
DTM/3D Systems action in Federal District Court in California, 3D Systems filed a motion seeking a preliminary injunction to stop EOS' selling activities of LS powders in the U.
The Breteau rate (a measure of vector density; the number of positive containers is divided by the number of inspected houses) in the Federal District averaged [is greater than] 40% in the first trimester of 2000 and was 30% to 80% in suburban districts in 1999 (R.
com (Van Buren, AR) has released LOIS Federal District Court Opinions and LOIS Bankruptcy Court Collection via the Internet.
In a setback for the Food and Drug Administration, a federal district court ruled last week that the agency had unlawfully attempted to restrict an herbal supplement as a prescription drug.
HR 1689, Securities Litigation Uniform Standards Act of 1997, would allow the removal of any state-level private class-action suit involving nationally traded securities to the federal district court for the district in which the action is pending.
To assure that any possible civil money penalty assessed by the Board can be collected, the Board has obtained a federal district court order freezing Pharaon's U.
Winter,(8) a Federal district court suppressed $12,500 in serialized currency seized during a Terry frisk--$9,000 of which had been previously furnished to a confidential informant to buy drugs.
1993), a Federal District Court recently rejected a refund suit by Emily Oatman filed when the IRS had intercepted the refund from the Oatmans' jointly filed 1990 tax return and applied it to past-due child support for her husband's children from a previous marriage.
Construction sector in Russia 2013 - Regional focus, Market analysis and development forecasts for 2013-2015 studies the trends and expected growth statistics for each federal district.
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