federal deficit

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an excess of the federal government's spending over its revenue

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Indeed, the CBO projects that the federal deficit and debt as a percentage of GDP will begin rising again in the latter part of this decade, reflecting in large part the aging of the population and fast-rising health care costs," he said.
Without that offset, the DATA Act, despite its strong bipartisan support, might not pass the House because it would add to the federal deficit.
President Obama barely had finished outlining his plan to cut federal deficits by more than $3 trillion over 10 years before Republicans began denouncing it as "class warfare.
The real crime of federal economic irresponsibility is that we ran federal deficits during the 30-year period prior to Obama's election.
In fiscal year 2009 the overall federal deficit reached 9.
Such concerns grew as the United States needs to issue massive amounts of Treasury securities to cover the growing federal deficit, they said.
According to this report, the federal deficit for Fiscal 2009 is expected to exceed $1 trillion even using the government's method of accounting.
Earlier in the debate, the candidates answered questions from the moderator on the war in Iraq, the federal deficit, education and Social Security.
We were a nasty breed and had no problem blaming Bill and Hillary Clinton for everything from the exploding federal deficit to male pattern baldness.
The revenue could be used for some combination of federal deficit reduction, reducing the marginal tax rate on lower-income workers, and intelligently chosen spending programs, for example, to reduce the security dangers from nuclear proliferation.
The cuts were contained in a budget reconciliation bill that aimed to trim the federal deficit by reducing funding for entitlement programs over the next five years.
As a senator, I worried every day about the size of the federal deficit.
As Congress and the administration try to reign in a growing federal deficit, states are increasingly being forced to cover the costs of federally mandated programs.
The Administration and Congress are engaged in heated discussions over the FY 2006 budget, with a major political objective of reducing the federal deficit while increasing tax cuts and continuing funding for the war in Iraq.
The privatization of Social Security would increase the federal deficit by trillions in the first 40 years of its operation.
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