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any agent or representative of a federal agency or bureau

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And the federal agents didn't compel Massiah to make them.
This comes just one month after federal agents raided a Howard Beach, Queens home that belonged to the late crime boss, which was sparked by the (http://www.
Mountain Pure--along with employees Angela Smith, Gerald Miller, Court Stacks, Kimberly Harrison, Scott Morgan, Tracy Bush, Quentin Riley, Kadeena DePriest and William Morris--sued in March 2013, saying federal agents crossed the line when they executed a search warrant at the plant in January 2012.
We detained them, and from that investigation we found a place where the federal agents might have been buried," he added.
Founder of the hacking conference, Jeff Moss posted the request to the agents on the event's main webpage and said that it would be best for everyone involved if the federal agents call a 'timeout' and not attend Def Con this year.
Howarth said the difference between two explanations that Al Khawahir gave federal agents about why he was bringing the pressure cooker — that his nephew couldn't find one in the U.
Ferdaus was arrested last year after federal agents posing as members of al Qaeda delivered materials he requested, including grenades, machine guns and plastic explosives.
Sandlin Matthews Smith was shot and killed May 4 in Oklahoma, as federal agents and state law enforcement personnel attempted to arrest him in a state park.
Summary: US federal agents have said they stopped a Somali-born teenager from blowing up a van full of explosives in Oregon.
IT'S not pretty to see federal agents swooping across Los Angeles, raiding medical-marijuana dispensaries.
After five hours of waiting, I was informed by the Border Police officer that two federal agents had come to question me.
The decision comes in the aftermath of Nelson's appeal to the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs to investigate the seizing of prescription drugs by federal agents.
The Court concluded that UDV deserved a preliminary injunction because it was likely to win a lawsuit it flied under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act after federal agents took away its tea.
Mexican federal authorities claimed that the victims were armed drug traffickers like those who had killed federal agents in earlier skirmishes.
federal agents in December convinced him that hiring full-time officers from abroad would help fight crime.
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