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an administrative unit of government

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However, in order to maximize our ability to drive connections between these federal agencies and people interested in public service careers, we will be expanding our event promotion campaign and tightly integrating the Federal Agency Pavilion into all of our advertising," said Cristopher Levy, vice president of marketing with Shomex.
For example, the Office of Management and Budget recently issued guidance intended to (1) clarify when and how the Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995 applies to federal agency use of social media and Web-based interactive technologies; and (2) help federal agencies protect privacy when using third-party Web sites and applications.
3 of the NTIA Manual, a request for certification of spectrum support for the proposed system, a frequency plan for federal spectrum access requirements; and a copy of the signed Agreement between the requesting federal agency and the non-federal system partner.
gov ranks among the top 10 federal agency websites in an influential report on e- government, thanks to a collaborative effort between the Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) and Nortel Government Solutions, a U.
Under former administrator John Graham, the OIRA emphasized the importance of cost-benefit analysis when reviewing proposed federal agency regulations that had to funnel through his office.
Joan Ohl, a federal commissioner for the Administration for Children, Youth and Families, the federal agency overseeing Head Start programs, said she ``could not be sorrier'' for the temporary closing, but blamed the civic association for the problem.
One component is the Student Temporary Employment allowing a Federal agency to hire students temporarily.
Under the panel's recommendations, a federal agency could search an electronic database of publicly available information without a court order.
Take the Office of Child Support Enforcement (OSCE), the federal agency charged with monitoring child-support distribution.
As noted in the OMB guidance and business rules provided at Attachment A, Federal Agencies that acquire goods or services from or provide goods or services to another Federal Agency must identify themselves with a unique trading partner number (TPN) on intragovernmental transactions.
Its mission is to assist with information and advice to help overcome a court's presumption that a federal agency, in accordance with the use of the Chevron standard in reviewing agency decisions and actions, is in the right.
Also in 1996, Congress approved a requirement that each new rule created by a federal agency be submitted to Congress for review.
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