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Nothing symbolizes Rouhani's attachment to the Khomeinist ideology of terror and repression than his administration's tributes to an octogenarian terrorist-cum-businessmen who passed away in Tehran this week--Habib-Allah Asgar-Owladi Mussulman, a founding member of the Fedayeen Islam terror group, of which the late Ayatollah Khomeini was a member.
Following every Fedayeen strike, the Israeli army would hit back at Gaza's refugees, inspiring yet more support and recruits for the growing commando movement.
The phenomenon quickly registered among Palestinian youth in Gaza - not due to any inexplicable desire for violence, but because they saw in the fedayeen a heroic escape from their own humiliating lives.
Fedayeen commander Abu Akram (Ali Elayan) asks of Tarek when he finds him at the camp.
The PLO and the fedayeen forces in Jordan were transnational organizations that pursued a violent struggle against King Hussein's Jordan.
Fedayeen Saddam was a paramilitary organization loyal to the former Ba'athist regime of Saddam Hussein.
He had led a division named Fedayeen Saddam, founded by his father, which was notorious for its brutal practices.
Thousands of fedayeen could become 'sleepers', blending back into the civilian population and continuing a guerrilla war in the aftermath of an Allied victory.
As the Allied advance neared Baghdad, soldiers would face ``fierce resistance'' from Saddam Hussein's Republican Guard and the irregular fedayeen troops staunchly loyal to the Iraqi dictator.
A fierce battle broke out between the citizens of the city and Fedayeen with hand-to-hand combat and bayonets.
He was the commander of Iraq's feared paramilitary unit, the Saddam Fedayeen, and the head of the notorious Iraqi Olympic Committee, which regularly tortured athletes.
1645: British tank commander Sgt David Baird says Iraqi Fedayeen paramilitaries used children as human shields during a battle near Basra on Sunday.
The Fedayeen were not making martyrs of themselves,he added,but were making martyrs of those innocent Iraq is opposed to Saddam's rule.
The biggest danger has come from the extremist Fedayeen militia - Saddam's most trusted paramilitary force - armed with powerful rocket-propelled grenades and general purpose machine guns.
The other man was believed to be a senior figure in the local fedayeen, ex-Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein's fanatical militia.