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These were dispossessed refugees still unaware of the complexity of their political surroundings, and the Fedayeen were mostly young Palestinian refugees fighting to return to their home.
In his auto biography, Mussulman boasts of his role in assassinations carried out by the Fedayeen in the 1940s, '50s and '60s, including the murder of a leading secular intellectual and a reformist prime minister.
Fedayeen commander Abu Akram (Ali Elayan) asks of Tarek when he finds him at the camp.
The phenomenon quickly registered among Palestinian youth in Gaza - not due to any inexplicable desire for violence, but because they saw in the fedayeen a heroic escape from their own humiliating lives.
The news agency also published documents proving that the Manama regime is recruiting Fedayeen Saddam in its wide-scale attempt to suppress the popular uprising in the tiny Persian Gulf island.
The time is very near when our fedayeen will attack the American states in the major cities," said Mehsud, who was seen flanked by two armed and masked men in the video released by the SITE and IntelCenter monitoring groups.
The challenge these two events placed on the administration's pursuit of detente was that these Palestinian nationalist organizations through their use of multi-national hijackers and fedayeen forces used terrorism as their means to disrupt the Middle East peace process, to articulate their agenda of bringing the voice of the Palestinian people to the world's attention, and to free the Palestinian hostages held by Israel, the US and other states.
Fedayeen al-Islam, a little-known group believed to be linked to the Taliban, claimed responsibility through a spokesman.
Omar Farooq, who said he is the spokesman for Fedayeen al-Islam, vowed to carry out more attacks unless Pakistani troops withdraw from tribal border areas.
Omar Farooq, who said he is the spokesman for Fedayeen al-Islam, said the group would carry out more attacks unless Pakistani troops withdraw from tribal areas near the Afghan border and the US stops its drone strikes.
Earlier Omar Farooq, the spokesman for Fedayeen al-Islam, said his group was responsible for the murders.
Mustafa Hafez, who founded the Fedayeen in Gaza - a group that launched murderous raids across Israel's southern border in the 1950's and was the precursor of the PLO.
Fedayeen militiamen Faisal Al-Saadoon, 56, and Khalaf Mufdhi, 58, are in British custody in Iraq.
The group calling itself Fedayeen Islam issued several demands on a tape sent to Arabiya including for Pakistan to stop its cooperation with the US.
The novel is overrun with a goofy cast of knife-fighting fedayeen and white-bearded Islamists with names like Mullah Oxley and "The Old One.