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After the attack other fedayee mujahids entered the base… and started attacking the invading forces in the base.
But every fedayee was just doing what he was fated to do.
And then, in what becomes a motif of the revolution throughout the book, the image of the young fedayee, Hamza, and his mother "linked to that of the Pieta and Christ.
Another personal incident speeded Andranik's metamorphosis from carpenter to fedayee (freedom fighter).
However, two former Taleban commanders, Omar Khetab and Mullah Mansoor Dadullah, who set up another group called Mahaz Fedayee, according to reports, have accused Mullah Mansoor of killing Mullah Omar.
However, his claims about misusing the government assets were strongly rejected by Muhammad Halim Fedayee, governor of central Maidan Wardak province.
News about the death of Mullah Omar has come from Qari Hamza, spokesperson of a Taleban faction called Mahaz Fedayee Islami (devoted front of Islamic Emirate).
Governor Abdul Haleem Fedayee has also suggested the national and international supporting communities to hand over the emergency aid to the needy and destitute families before the upcoming winter in his province.
Sabahi openly threatened rulers of the Islamic world and killed many of them, such as Nizamulmulk who was assassinated by the fedayees (commandos) of Hassan Sabah.