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The Hermatobatidae are diagnosed by the extremely short and broad head and the lack of a fecundation canal of the female gynatrial
However, this could also be an indication that (1) larvae are not being widely distributed and that fecundation and recruitment processes take place locally, or (2) that hydrodynamism is indeed influencing larvae distribution, but recruitment would be occurring as a response to larvae attraction by chemical compounds produced by adult conspecifics, as suggested by Rivera-Ingraham et al.
After reconstructing the oocytes, the researchers reactivated them by simulating the stimuli occurring during fecundation so as to induce embryonic development.
The haploid plants result from a male sexual cell or a female sexual cell without fecundation.
The focus of the theogony is, of course, human sacrifice, ritual rape of a virgin, killing of the child as the young maize god which climaxes with a young captive tied to a board, arms and legs extended, and shot to death with arrows--and as Westheim observes "this ceremony has the same symbolic significance: copulation, fecundation," whether female or, as in this case, male virgin.
The ideology of conception which attributes fecundation of wives to conception spirits can be regarded as further devaluation of the role of the father who is denied genitor status: see Merlan (1986) and Tonkinson (1991).
In his catalogue essay, Germano Celant rightly speaks of the consumption of Manzoni's eggs as a rite of fecundation (and of the artist's own partaking of it as a "self-fecundation") but there's a twist in that it is the female principle, the egg, rather than the masculine one, the sperm, that is incorporated.