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worthlessness due to being feeble and ineffectual

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Betts attempts to "salvage strategy" by refuting each of these critiques, showing they are at best partial and do not prove that strategy is impossible, but their cumulative weight makes him well aware that if anything can go wrong in strategy, it often will, which makes him skeptical of those whose fecklessness or recklessness leads them too eagerly to follow Shakespeare's Mark Antony in "cry[ing] 'Havoc
CLR Cooper is correct in defending council house tenants against the accusation of fecklessness but I doubt if he does so from any genuine sense of outrage.
It seems not enough to have given the back of the hand to Britain, Israel, Poland and the Czech Republic, and to have so enraged the Saudis that they actually rejected a Security Council seat -- disgusted as they were with this administration's remarkable combination of fecklessness and highhandedness.
But now too many decent people are under attack because men like Hull fill their boots with the spoils of fecklessness.
It's still looks a pretty grim place even now, although no doubt some Victorian moralists thought having workhouses were a soft option which encouraged fecklessness among the poor.
The sense of entitlement that sustained such male fecklessness has been steadily eroded ever since -- a process that, like so much in American culture, has played out on television.
I am sure that in the majority of instances the non-attendance is not forgetfulness, or fecklessness but because often those in insecure employment feel the need to be regarded as reliable.
Friends who toil in the public sector tell me that this caricaturepacked tale of job centre fecklessness was alarmingly accurate.
Taking inspiration from the "wiseass goofs and collaging phraseologists" among New York's poets, Meyers spearheaded an on-the-cheap poetry journal and exhibited the youthful fecklessness of rejecting a poem by Allen Ginsberg, "which he'd kindly sent on receipt of our pathetic solicitation.
There was certainly a desire among the neo-conservatives in the Bush White House to restore American power to unchallenged dominance after what they saw as the fecklessness of Bill Clinton's administrations in the 1990s.
Mehmood Ahmed Waraich, Senior Vice President ICCI said that Government should not pursue the policy of burdening the consumer further because this proposed plan shows the fecklessness of the Government instead of tackling the problem of circular debt by adopting an economic stimulus plan.
Failure would also have nationwide consequences, tarring Democrats with the stain of fecklessness and discrediting a fiscal policy that combines tax increases and spending cuts.
The utter fecklessness of his attempt reminds us not only that, as it is often said, hope is not a strategy; it also reminds us of the inept adventurism he displayed during the Oakwood caper of 2003.
While many women put off childbearing as their careers develop, others are stuck waiting for their relationships to reach the next level, thanks to the fecklessness of modern men.
The Syrian people alone are paying the price, between the brutal crackdown of the regime and the fragmentation and fecklessness of the opposition.