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with ineptitude


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That so many are willing to lose thousands of pounds a year to sustain the sport is remarkable, but racing cannot fecklessly assume that will continue.
Fecklessly, he does nothing to remove Cuba from the State Department's terrorist list.
Perhaps the ECB, who have messed him about so fecklessly in recent months, had nally knocked the rhythm out of him.
Having allowed UNAMID to continue so ineffectively, so disingenuously, so fecklessly for so long, the international community now has no good options, even at the moment when there appears to be growing acknowledgement that the Darfur genocide never ended, it simply changed in character.
Neuhaus's painstaking anatomy of Rorty's elaborate, self-celebrating nihilism is a brilliant, antiseptic piece of revelation and demolition: revealing how insidiously corrupt and fecklessly amoral the academy had become in its most pampered and praised specimens; and demolishing the rational and ethical claims to coherence and value of yet another "imperial self," another self-styled heroic heretic, who mocks the broad daylight of proportion that greets each one of us as he or she wakes anew every morning.
Rather than fecklessly flexing his nation's overwhelming military power by launching totally counter-productive neo-imperial wars, he has largely extracted the US from the bottomless pits of foreign engagements.
355) But at least as a first approximation, it is plausible to worry that such self-help will occur too frequently or vigorously in times of divided government, or too infrequently or fecklessly in times of unified government (when the same political party controls Congress and the presidency).
The poem concludes only with her solipsistic, inarticulate, and still uninterpreted lament, turned fecklessly inward upon herself: "O misery
union law has changed very little since the 1959 amendments to the National Labor Relations Act (which fecklessly attempted to give rank-and-file members more control over union leaders).
Meanwhile, having been defeated in Indochina, the French fecklessly waged war to attempt to retain Algeria.
In the 1990s, millions of diplomatic man hours were fecklessly squandered trying to reach a deal with Serbian dictator Slobodan Milosevic over the status of Bosnia.
Or was she so fecklessly in thrall to her own wants, and to Lloyd's, that she literally sacrificed Aaron to the relationship?
k is also further proof, as if we needed more, that we took our eye off the ball with Saddam Hussein, and that one does not fecklessly start new wars when others are unfinished.
Contemporary art has abandoned its function as the visual wing of the house of poetry and morphed into a fecklessly "transgressive" subdivision of the entertainment industry.
I was one of its accoucheurs; I helped nurture the creature in its infancy by feeding it great draughts of blood and money; I guided it through its adolescence as it grew fecklessly out of control.