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of or relating to feces


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During the collection period, colored markers such as ferric oxide, chromic oxide, and indigo carmine are commonly used for the identification of fecal output from a given ingested feed (Adeola, 2001; Kim et al.
The fecal output was increased, but the P concentration in the feces was decreased with increasing dietary cellulose concentration.
Rats exposed to WS had significantly higher fecal output than the non stressed control (p<0.
20b (c) Group Food efficiency (g Fecal output weight gain/g food (g/day) * intake) Normal -2.
This device, along with the System's proprietary, single-use disposables, will allow individuals with colostomies to manage their fecal output without the use of ostomy bags.
Duodenal flow and fecal output of dry matter and organic matter estimated by indicators.
Increased fecal output of the heme portion of blood as a result of ileitis infection may explain the Fe digestibility differences between Exp.
One animal of each treatment and pasture was used to determine forage selection, fecal output or grazing behavior and EE; therefore, there were eight observations per treatment.