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of or relating to feces


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During the 6 days prior to death, clinical signs of constipation, tenesmus, and a reduced fecal output were evident.
The fecal output was increased, but the P concentration in the feces was decreased with increasing dietary cellulose concentration.
Rats exposed to WS had significantly higher fecal output than the non stressed control (p<0.
20b (c) Group Food efficiency (g Fecal output weight gain/g food (g/day) * intake) Normal -2.
The approach to estimating intake of grazing ruminants resolves into measurement or estimation of fecal output and estimation of diet digestibility to take advantage of the mathematical definition of digestible dry matter (DDM),
The exact amount of feed intake and fecal output was measured using fecal bags, a device that straps on to collect all solid eliminations.
Total fecal output was not measured, but we calculated fecal output and then bur, caryopsis and legume seed passage using the following equations:
To reduce the risk of developing AD, basic preventive measures include giving careful attention to urinary drainage devices, remaining aware of urinary output changes, monitoring fecal output, checking clothing tightness, and avoiding temperature extremes.
This device, along with the System's proprietary, single-use disposables, will allow individuals with colostomies to manage their fecal output without the use of ostomy bags.
The total collection method requires an accurate measure of feed intake and fecal output for determining the amount of the component ingested and voided via feces, respectively.
The individual herbage intake was estimated by the fecal output quantification and by the digestibility coefficient of the herbage intake.