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CUTLINE: Stephen Schuster of Westboro has invented a dietary supplement that removes odor from fecal matter.
None of us are immune to the pathogens that we find in fecal matter,'' Cody says.
What has obviously been missing is a fast, accurate way to make sure that bacteria-bearing fecal matter is eradicated from beef carcasses before they leave the plant.
If you smell a strong chemical smell, this is actually chlorine mixing with urine or fecal matter.
Contract notice: Removal of fecal matter from undrained septic and non-separated sludge from small sewage treatment plants.
New York, May 19 ( ANI ): The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has warned US citizens that public swimming pool is filled with fecal matter.
The report said Bryant was covered in fecal matter and bodily fluids and had large pressure sores on her body.
CT colonography performed with tagging of fecal matter but without any cathartic bowel preparation appears to be as effective in detecting colorectal polyps as similar procedures done with bowel cleansing, reported Riccardo lannaccone, M.
Norwalk viruses, often caused by raw shellfish contaminated via infected fecal matter from sick food handlers, are a primary cause of gastrointestinal disease, according to the U.
Because many Pacific Islands depend on stored rainwater for drinking and hygiene, variations in rainfall and temperature affect their supplies in ways that increase the likelihood of contamination with fecal matter or bacteria or the need to resort to contaminated supplies--and contaminated water is a frequent cause of diarrheal disease.
Collected light returned from the carcass is electronically analyzed to determine if fecal matter is present.
The prototype instantly detects minute amounts of fecal matter on carcasses.
It seems the seagulls and geese were dropping fecal matter near a Yonkers holding reservoir.
coli O157:H7 are usually spread by accidentally swallowing water that has been contaminated with fecal matter.
On a commercial cleanup job you encounter a host of problems such from fecal matter to old industrial equipment that needs to be removed.