fecal matter

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Access to bathrooms greatly reduces the urine and fecal matter in our public areas, another issue affecting both the downtown area and our neighborhoods.
Wherein the scrotal catch is liquid permeable and flexible, such that the scrotal catch conforms to a contour of the scrotum, and is positioned behind the male genitalia to act as a barrier to separate the male genitalia from the site of expulsion of fecal matter, thereby reducing and/or preventing focal matter from entering the anterior compartment and contaminating a surgical site.
Thirteen shrews were live trapped from poultry farms located in Sehala area of Rawalpindi/Islamabad, Pakistan and immediately transported to laboratory for fecal matter, urine and blood sample collection.
Fecal matter is liquefied and returns to the plant flow.
Most important, however, is abdominal palpation, in which the veterinarian's hands probe the abdominal area along the entire length of the colon to see if it is distended with fecal matter.
a pair of safety glasses, worn with the hat, doubles as a wearable miniature computer monitor displaying data from a miniature computer on the inspector's belt (the data tell the inspector whether there is any fecal matter on processing equipment);
Although you may not relish the task of picking up after the deed is done, you should consider yourself fortunate if your dog, showing neither pain nor strain, routinely deposits a well formed, solid mass of fecal matter in your backyard or on your neighbor's front lawn.
Prototypes include binoculars with lenses that detect fecal matter on meat, produce, or processing equipment--as well as diseases or quality defects.
It can detect contaminants on the apple surface, such as fecal matter.
The data tells the inspector whether there is any fecal matter on the processing equipment.
It can be spread by fecal matter introduced into a recreational water setting, and takes nearly a week to be destroyed by chlorine.
The germs that trigger RWIs are present in water that has been contaminated with fecal matter.
Tests of the material determined it was not hazardous waste and did not contain fecal matter, Kelly wrote.
As the bird flu is transmitted from wild birds to domestic flocks through fecal matter, it is so obvious that the first line of defense is sanitation at that level to prevent it from being transmitted to either chickens or humans.
in the cloak of his jean jacket, dabbed with fecal matter now.