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Control trial and fecal egg count reduction test determinations of nematocidal efficacies of moxidectin and generic ivermectin in recently weaned, naturally infected calves.
This on-site veterinarian based solution provides rapid, quantitative fecal egg counts in animals.
actual fecal egg counts in humans, dogs, cats, and pigs were multiplied by the estimated daily feces production, which was 160, 99, 20, and 1,516 g, respectively (21,26).
05) and non-significant differences with respect to resistance against haemonchosis were noted at different intervals in all the practiced parameters except fecal egg counts, which showed non-significant difference throughout the trial.
2008) reported the highest fecal egg counts in September, whereas the lowest fecal egg counts in February.
In case of larval strongylosis fecal egg count technique is assumed to be of no value.
After deworming, 13 animals of each breed were ingested with doses of 5000 L3 of Haemonchus contortus and then evaluation of each was made on the basis of fecal egg count (FEC), body weight, FAMACHA score and packed cell volume (PCV) at different days of interval.
We measured endoparasite loads from fecal egg counts assuming that chronic stress may suppress immune function and thereby allow an increase in parasite load (Dhabhar and McEwen, 1997; Dhabhar, 2009), but we found no relationship between fecal CORT concentration and parasite load.
Impact on productivity of peri-parturient rise in fecal egg counts in Creole goats in the humid tropics.