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of or relating to feces


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Effects of probiotic supplement on fecal consistency index of weaning rabbits Items Sex 1) Treatments 2) M F Control BS Fecal score d 28-d 35 1.
The occurrence and severity of diarrhea were monitored and assessed daily on a pen basis by using a fecal consistency scoring system (0 = normal; 1 = soft feces; 2 = mild diarrhea; 3 = severe diarrhea) (Marquardt et al.
Although there was no significant difference, the fecal consistency score of control was measured as normal to soft feces, whereas in infected groups it was normal to mild diarrhea (data not shown).
The effects of Micro Source S on growth performance, fecal consistency, and post cleaning microbial load of growing-finishing pigs.
Fecal consistency was visually assessed each morning of the experiment by observers unaware of the treatments using a modification of the method described by Liu et al.