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of or relating to feces


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Oral and fecal swabs were collected from the wild boars at 0, 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, and 7 days postinfection (dpi).
Fecal transplant is exactly what it sounds like: taking the fecal contents from a healthy person and transplanting it into a C.
SKILLMAN, New Jersey, June 23, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- ConvaTec, a world-leading developer and marketer of innovative medical technologies for community and hospital care, announced today the launch of Flexi-Seal(TM) SIGNAL(TM) Fecal Management System (FMS).
Women told us that they were very surprised that we were asking about fecal incontinence during sex, but that it was a real problem.
To determine whether an agave-containing midden had originated during the Younger Dryas years, the researchers applied radiocarbon dating to fecal pellets in the same midden.
It is also not clear whether the recent increases in "fecal contamination" are due to 1) increased monitoring for coliforms, fecal coliforms, and E.
Effects of short-chain fructooligosaccharides and galactooligosaccharides, individually and in combination, on nutrient digestibility, fecal fermentative metabolite concentrations, and large bowel microbial ecology of healthy adults cats.
We are thrilled with the positive results of this Phase 2a study and the potential of a treatment such as RDD-0315 for patients who suffer from fecal incontinence," said Nir Barak, Chief Medical Officer of RDD Pharma.
Public supply contract for the purchase of immunological blood tests looking for fecal occult (immunological fecal occult blood test - ifobt) as well as all the equipment needed to analyze these tests and related services for the good project implementation.
While the clinical relevance of plasma NGAL is thoroughly understood and applied, the clinical applications of fecal NGAL is lesser known.
tuberculosis in fecal samples (fecal IS6110 PCR) for noninvasive TB detection in inoculated and naturally exposed primates.
The Global Fecal Occult Blood Analyzer Industry Report 2015 is a professional and in-depth study on the current state of the fecal occult blood analyzer industry.
I can still remember where I was standing when I first heard of fecal transplants.
The test is not a substitute for colonoscopy; it is an alternative to fecal occult testing, and in trials, the Cologuard "detected more cancers than a commonly used fecal occult test," said Alberto Gutierrez, Ph.
WASHINGTON -- Use of a vaginal bowel control device currently under review by the Food and Drug Administration resulted in a significant reduction of fecal incontinence episodes and significant improvements in quality of life, with only mild and transient adverse events, a pivotal study has shown.