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made a feature or highlight

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having facial features as specified

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Featured teachers: Ellen Kerrigan, Baker Peeples and Jane Hammett.
Featured teachers: Bruce Lamott and Margaret Nomura Clark.
The featured artist will be Bunny Thornburgh (voice).
The featured artist will be new CalArts Provost Nancy Uscher (viola).
The Combi thermoregulator that heats water to 95 [degrees] C and oil to 150 [degrees] C is featured in a two-page bulletin.
The Super Shotboy Model 30 cryogenic deflashing and deburring systems are featured in a two-page bulletin.
Featured teachers: Irene Sharp, Hans Boepple, Zaven Melikian, Carol Rodland and David Tcimpidis.
Featured teachers: Frances Feldon, Katherine Heater, Annette Bauer, Vicki Boeckman and Norbert Kunst.
Industrial microwave ovens, systems and components are featured in a six-page, four-color, fold-out brochure.
GE extrusion systems are featured in a 28-page, four-color brochure.
Featured teachers: Music faculty of the University of Mobile with other area musicians.
The company's production line is featured, including rubber injection molding machines, as well as complete production solutions with molds, cold runner blocks, automation equipment and peripheral units.
Featured Thursdays: ``Thursday Night Live,'' stand-up comedy, new show each week, 9 p.
The advertising revenue will come in the form of Google Adsense and will be paid directly to each Featured Finder from Google.
Featured teachers: Peter Marsh, Louise McClelland, Greg Hopkins, Alvaro Gomez and Russell Guyver, among many others.