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the principal (full-length) film in a program at a movie theater

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Located in Venice, California, the team at Gradient Effects is poised to meet the challenges feature film offers by delivering world-class visual effects in a boutique atmosphere.
Digital Domain plans to use the investment for general corporate purposes, including retiring debt and investing in the expansion of technological support for its three business units - feature films, commercials and digital visual effects software.
What was once ``everyone's favorite frame shop'' is now transforming into a feature film company that will bring back the excitement of ``Old Hollywood'' with a brilliant portfolio of feature films in the years to come.
Spencer was a member of the Canadian Army's Feature Film Photo Unit during the Second World War.
Imported feature film hours by day part by channel in 2011
The EIDC reported 701 days of feature film location shooting, which included the Tom Cruise action picture ``Collateral''; the drama ``Crash,'' featuring Sandra Bullock; and the Bruce Willis drama ``Hostage.
This particular Top 10 list, initiated by the Canadian Film Centre on the 10th anniversary of its Feature Film Project and, coincidentally, the 35th birthday of Telefilm Canada, focuses its attention on the best debut fiction features produced in this country since money first began to trickle out or CFDC.
OTCBB:PMWI) announced today that it has begun shooting its next feature film, "Donna On Demand," starring an ensemble cast, including Corbin Bernsen, several notable Daytime Television stars, as well as newcomer Nolan Hubbard who gained the role via the "One Red Paper Clip" phenomena that swept the internet last summer.
Location filming of feature films, television shows, commercials and music videos in Los Angeles remained steady in June when compared with the month before, according to figures released Tuesday by the Entertainment Industry Development Corp.
Both were convinced that Canadian literature was a major untapped source for feature films.
The Envelope Is Torn Open on Short Film Finalists and Feature Film Semi-Finalists
Location feature film production plunged 41 percent annually in the Los Angeles area during April, according to figures released Friday by the Entertainment Industry Development Corporation.
Sidney Furie, a then 24-year-old writer for CBC television, originally designed A Dangerous Age (1957) as a television drama before deciding to transform it into a feature film.
video and digital distribution of City Lights' produced and acquired feature film, television, documentary and special interest programming.
Hot Wheels - the miniature Mattel racing cars popular with kids for generations - are getting the feature film treatment, Columbia Pictures announced Thursday.