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a special or prominent article in a newspaper or magazine

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The Education Innovator will be published again on January 28th with a feature article about an exciting addition to the Investing in Innovation (i3) Fund, and before that next edition, we anticipate that the final i3 application will be made public.
The winning categories included special sections, technical article, regular column, news coverage, feature article, front cover illustration, and how-to article.
Described by the Wall Street Journal as "the industry's bible," The Parking Professional features news of the industry, feature articles on subjects ranging from maintenance to construction and from operations to enforcement, personal profiles of leading parking professionals, and highlights on issues that affect daily operations.
Feature article rifles include "The Zen of Desktop Management" and "Work-at-Home Parents' Troubleshooting Guide.
He also will handle feature article selection, editing and writing responsibilities.
The historical mean length of a feature article published in the AER, JPE, or QJE is 19.
For information on construction service exports, see the feature article in the Fall 1994 issue.
Downes as referenced in the feature article, "Ceramic Foam Filtration: No Longer a Band-Aid," on p.
President Maxwell was also highlighted in a feature article about the League in New York Newsday, and an article about voter ID in the AARP Bulletin.
Now in its fourth edition, the tutorial stands out from its host of competitors by covering everything in a neat package, all the aspiring writer, and quite a few established ones, needs to know about the business of getting a feature article published.
Wendy Perron's December "Curtain Up" column and the feature article "The Divine Within" were wonderful.
The feature article "Soul in Them There Hills" in our March-April 2001 issue should have been credited on the contents page to Quraysh Ali Lansana.
The four chapters of part one, "The Basics," describe "feature writing in the 21st Century," "finding a good feature article idea," "researching feature article ideas," and "the writing and editing process.
The feature article in the July 2000 issue of the Computer Systems Technical Groups CSTG Bulletin explained the benefits of the Common Industry Format (CIF) for Usability Test Reporting project at NIST (http://wellhost.
Each region would be responsible for providing one feature article every other issue (three feature articles per year) that discusses communication issues specific to their areas.