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A simple soul -- simple as when his mother first taught him the old prophecy-- he beheld the marvellous features beaming adown the valley, and still wondered that their human counterpart was so long in making his appearance.
Since the melting away of his gold, it had been very generally conceded that there was no such striking resemblance, after all, betwixt the ignoble features of the ruined merchant and that majestic face upon the mountainside.
Meantime, however, he could overhear the remarks of various individuals, who were comparing the features of the hero with the face on the distant mountainside.
The mists had congregated about the distant mountainside, and there were seen the grand and awful features of the Great Stone Face, awful but benignant, as if a mighty angel were sitting among the hills, and enrobing himself in a cloud-vesture of gold and purple.
The brow, with its massive depth and loftiness, and all the other features, indeed, were boldly and strongly hewn, as if in emulation of a more than heroic, of a Titanic model.
The first feature is "QuickTest," a setting that allows the developer and QA to easily initiate a series of tests without needing to learn and write a full test script.
In thinking about a list of the Top 10 debut fiction features since 1968 from the perpetually troubled, utterly indomitable Canadian feature film industry, it is appropriate to borrow the title of Peter Harcourt's seminal article comparing Gilles Groulx s Le Chat dans le sac and Don Owen's Nobody Waved Good-Bye, two remarkable first features that arrived four years earlier.
This paper gives an overview of five key feature areas--security, performance, network design, interoperability and robustness--and explores how these features affect deployment decisions.
They include the feature toleranced, the datum reference frame or frames (if necessary), the tolerance zone, and the GD&T symbology of dimensions and feature control frame.
The The WV machines feature a rugged four post configuration.
In particular, the following aspects of MARS are addressed in the article: visual feature extraction, retrieval models, query reformulation techniques, efficient execution speed performance, and user interface considerations.
Another outstanding feature of the new spreadsheets is speed.
For a casting feature to satisfy the customer tolerance, one-half of the dimensional variability, plus the pattern error, must be less than one-half of the specified tolerance, as shown in Fig.
Auto-feeder: This feature eliminates manual feeding.