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resembling or suggesting a feather or feathers


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In all her roles, especially as Giselle and Cinderella, she displayed pristine technique, enhancing it with lyricism, musicality, and featherlike jumps.
In northeastern China in March, scientists discovered a new fossil indicating that many dinosaurs may have had featherlike fuzz, which they said suggests a closer relationship between birds and dinosaurs than previously thought.
Feathers cover all modern-day birds, and in previous studies paleontologists have identified a featherlike structure called "dinofuzz" on some dinosaur remains.
3] flowerlike and featherlike nanostructures, as well as [Bi.
Murray successfully shot down a few enemy planes, dropped a few bombs, and pulled off a featherlike landing on a digitized airstrip approximated to resemble a Las Vegas area base.
Their featherlike arms swirl, fanning the salt water.
Lichtenberg creates interest in its featherlike fringe polyester curtain panel.
Its striking featherlike, spring-loaded clip flares slightly at its base, surely a nod to the art of writing with a quill.
Over the last eight years, paleontologists have excavated dozens of dinosaurs that show traces of the featherlike structures.
It is studded with huge featherlike indigo-blue flower heads that can stretch to 18 inches.
If smaller fish come near, the angler fish unlimbers its pole and flicks it back and forth, with a featherlike "lure" at the end designed to attract the interest of the smaller fish.
With its five-foot very full, featherlike stalks, fennel offers the perfect graceful backdrop for any garden or herb patch .
Making short, featherlike strokes, carefully shape brows into fine arches.
With their stiff, green featherlike fronds topping coarse, stout trunks, they look at first glance like chubby palms, but these are primitive cone-bearing plants more closely related to conifers.