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Synonyms for featherless

having no feathers


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Nodular lesions with scabs appeared on the unilateral or bilateral eyelids of affected ducks and on featherless regions on beaks and/or legs of 10% of affected ducks in some flocks (online Technical Appendix Figure 1, http://wwwnc.
Parker and Lang (1905:73) later told the story of Gowargay, the featherless emu, who is the 'devil' of waterholes, but goes to his sky camp at night in the Coalsack.
A featherless tropical bird, a bloated chameleon shedding its skin.
He was not deterred when Palestinians called him a collaborator and Israelis termed him a featherless chick.
A number of baby birds will fall from the nest well before they are ready to fledge and these scrawny, featherless, nestlings - with giant-eyes and gaping mouths - will need immediate help.
The only detail he had shared in his Twitter account was that the new "Jurassic Park" franchise would include featherless dinosaurs, reports (http://insidemovies.
Nevertheless, unlike oysters or ostriches or ocelots, featherless bipeds -- Plato's unenthralled description of human beings -- are animals that go through their days making choices.
My invariable featherless cartridges would not please him as there was nothing for him to retrieve.
The novel implicitly evokes Platonic ontolology, according to which "man is a featherless two-legged animal".
I looked over and saw these featherless, tiny, ugly things with wings.
First, they were not previously thought to be common June breeders in coastal Sinaloa; thus, the dry and featherless ventral apteria observed in birds initiating breeding in July and August implied that they had bred earlier in the USA or Canada and not in Sinaloa.
Sister Rabbit laughs at this painful trick, which caused Buzzard to have the naked, featherless head he still has today.
Herding of the kind that goes on two feet is also included in the second path, which subsequently distinguishes feathered and featherless kinds (266e).
A few weeks ago, Geiger got a call about 13 chicks just three weeks old and still featherless in a plastic container left beside a dumpster with a note that said, "Please love us.
It has to do with the fact that we are featherless, two-legged, linguistically conscious creatures born between urine and feces.