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Synonyms for featherbed

a mattress stuffed with feathers


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treat with excessive indulgence

hire more workers than are necessary

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And we stop sending out to the world the message that this country is a such a soft touch that all you have to do is arrive here to be given a featherbedded existence even without bothering to understand the language of the people who are paying for it.
I THINK the letters for and against our firefighters have now run their course - but the one printed on Saturday stating firefighters live in a 'cocooned featherbedded world' cannot go without some remark.
But Watson, featherbedded by his MSP's pension and pay-off and his seat in the House of Lords, will float off to sunny Spain without a care in the world.
We concede, however, that we are able bodied and have a large retinue of descendants eager to look after us if we needed anything, so we may be rather featherbedded.
Once doctors, like teachers, were respected members of the community but now they risk joining the ranks of featherbedded public sector workers who think they're the most hard-done-to workers in Britain.