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a mattress stuffed with feathers


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Just as risible is his jibe about the North East being feather-bedded as a Labour heartland.
They will just continue to provide care for the needy as others suggest that the average pension (of less than pounds 4,000) they could look forward to when they retire is somehow feather-bedded.
There are those that resent the bailout of the banks amidst all this but, like it or not, they are fundamental to the stability of the economy, and must be feather-bedded through the coming bad times in order to be fit for purpose when the crisis ends.
A LUXURY hotel is offering a feather-bedded service to a new and different kind of guest.
Forget feather-bedded farmers worth a few quid strutting on TV.
It's time somebody asked them to start performing because their feather-bedded incompetence is killing us.
The boom the Celtic Tiger has brought to the Republic was not built on a foundation of politicians and pressure groups making sure their particular vested interest and patch is feather-bedded and protected from the realities of the global economy.
It is widely assumed that applying the 'polluter pays' principle to the feather-bedded aviation industry (and thereby putting an end to the era of artificially cheap air travel) would be political suicide.
Here he will see feather-bedded and greedy fat cats walking away with pockets full cash for a level of incompetence unknown in the public sector.
And SNP Leader Alex Salmond added: "It's time Ken Livingstone stopped whining and started explaining to the feather-bedded south that the real subsidy junkies are south of the Watford Gap.
That policy encouraged intensive factory farming and produced surpluses and a public relations disaster for the farming industry, with farmers viewed as feather-bedded destroyers of the environment.
It is widely assumed that applying the "polluter pays" principle to the feather-bedded aviation industry (and thereby putting an end to the era of artificially-cheap air travel) would be political suicide.
But feather-bedded deals handed out by the government instead of the government running its own services is wasteful privatisation.
We are now so accustomed to the feather-bedded justice system created by this Government that when George Holtby got his lamentably inadequate sentence not a voice was raised in protest.
A senior Tory source said: "George is sick of the way public sector workers are feather-bedded with taxes from people working for private firms where the pensions are not as good.