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a mattress stuffed with feathers


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I have a French feather-bed there, which I have been at pains to keep these years back.
cried the bowman, passing his fingers through his curls, "you were not far from the feather-bed then, mon gar.
There were Cains and Abels, Pharaohs' daughters; Queens of Sheba, Angelic messengers descending through the air on clouds like feather-beds, Abrahams, Belshazzars, Apostles putting off to sea in butter-boats, hundreds of figures to attract his thoughts -- and yet that face of Marley, seven years dead, came like the ancient Prophet's rod, and swallowed up the whole.
The Red House was provisioned as if for a siege; and as for the spare feather-beds ready to be laid on floors, they were as plentiful as might naturally be expected in a family that had killed its own geese for many generations.
My Lady looked much pleased, and tried to clap her hands: but you might as well have knocked two feather-beds together, for any noise it made.
It was a fine evening when we were passengers in the train: and watching the bright sunset from a little window near the door by which we sat, my attention was attracted to a remarkable appearance issuing from the windows of the gentleman's car immediately in front of us, which I supposed for some time was occasioned by a number of industrious persons inside, ripping open feather-beds, and giving the feathers to the wind.
Faced with bone-idle players would he feather-bed them for life?
The room was said to contain a ``handmade four-poster bed,'' but comfort was very much an issue - the feather-bed mattress mounded dramatically in the center, playing havoc with neck vertebrae in the night.
So must the rules that help feather-bed MPs' retirement funds at everyone else's expense.
Far removed from the crystalline Byzantine outlines of Stravinsky are the feather-bed textures of Brahms' German Requiem.