feather boa

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a long thin fluffy scarf of feathers or fur


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In the commercial, he wore his trademark yellow and red wrestling attire with a 'Hulk' bandanna and a yellow feather boa to top it off.
From the pastel-frosted Pink Feather Boa to a double chocolate creation, recipes are packed with extra flavor and avoid the usual deep fryer approach, offering baked yeast-raised, cake-style doughnuts as well as Apple Fritters and more.
Nancy started off dramatically, posing on the Judges' desk, but the dance soon deteriorated with Anton almost tripping over her feather boa.
They can take part by wearing pink, whether it's a pair of socks, a feather boa or a cowboy hat, and for the rest of March they can support us by enjoying a glass of rose.
So I'm afraid I can't tell you about the black leggings, red tutu and white feather boa.
FOR a hard-nosed businessman faced with making tough calls day in day out, a pink frock and feather boa wouldn't be the kind of "power dressing" Steve Duckers had in mind.
Even if the Delaware Destroyer, Johnny Weir, came out dressed in a leopard skin leotard with a flowing pink feather boa and wore bowling shoes, it wouldn't be enough to distract Russia's Evgeni Plushenko from skating to a gold as the men's portion of this viewer-friendly event ends.
to emerge as a person, and one gets used to such camp and prolix stuff, though it's rather like being smothered in a feather boa.
Each can be considered a colony of individuals strung together like a feather boa.
The kit comes complete with a feather boa, glitter, glue-able sparkly gems, cut-outs, and, yes, a couldn't-be-cuter phone--bright blue with flower-shaped buttons.
Let's just settle for some facts: it involves a really good haircut, which is transforming, it introduces a girl cousin named Frank who wears "a short, shiny red one-piece jumpsuit covered with blue and yellow stars, black-and-white-striped legwarmers, some kind of half-bald feather boa, and silver slippers" to go horseback riding; it involves a family outing to a fish show, where Alice's genius younger brother exhibits his amazing fish.
The music moved upbeat, and climaxed in him jumping on sound boxes, screaming: "I'm sucking on your fear," while wearing a black feather boa as a tail and a pair of horns.
FEATHER BOA came from last to first inside the final furlong to cause a 16-1 upset in the six-furlong nursery.
The music is significant not least for the inspiration Chaimowicz found in pop's unapologetic ambivalence, be it Jimi Hendrix's feather boa, Janis Joplin acting like one of the boys, or Bowie's androgyny.
THE Wanted are out to get Joe McElderry - into a feather boa and nothing else.