feather bed

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a mattress stuffed with feathers


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Sonya could not continue, and again hid her face in her hands and in the feather bed.
Now it was plain that the lady must be a real Princess, since she had been able to feel the three little peas through the twenty mattresses and twenty feather beds.
Today's consumers, who are more educated about utility bedding, he said, "are realizing they will function better after a good night's sleep, and that may mean they need a better pillow, feather bed or mattress pad.
August 31, 1915: A Huddersfield soldier wrote from the front to say others should join up, adding "it would do them good to eat their meals with shells flying over them and no feather bed to lie upon.
But over the decades it has become a feather bed rather than a safety net.
Luxury Feather Mattress Topper TURN your existing mattress into a real feather bed - in an instant.
Out of bounds areas are Hawthorn Point, the cliffs behind and above Feather Bed Rocks, Hendon Groyne and all Seaham Dock areas apart from the North Pier.
I absolutely love the feeling of wonderful, luxurious cotton bed sheets on a feather bed with a down comforter.
It could not have worked out much better for him had he dreamt it all up in a feather bed.
Opus sleeps with a bunny in a feather bed, dreaming of a more hopeful tomorrow morning," Breathed said.
John Denver's Grandma's Feather Bed is a softcover children's picturebook based on the famous song written by Jim Connor and "adopted" by popular musician John Denver.
They are incompatible, and until Mr Campbell gets out of his feather bed, more and more buses will leave the depot empty.
In the ad to be screened on TV next week she is seen sprawling sexily across a feather bed in her high heels before looking the ultimate cover-up girl wrapped in a duvet.
Imagine awakening in a huge feather bed in your palazzo and looking up to see the bare-breasted Aurora being swept aloft by her coterie of four winged putti, all struggling to keep her swaddled in the drapery fluttering about her.
ONE Saturday night stay at the swank W Hotel in Westwood costs guests upward of $300 - for which you get a pillow-top mattress and feather bed, goose-down duvet and terry spa robes.