feather ball

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a low tuberculate cactus with white feathery spines

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Some feather balls have sold for a staggering pounds 20,000.
The recipient was James Clark, who was being rewarded for hitting his feather ball further than anyone else - 231 yards.
They donated us with a signed jersey which we are donating to the Red Feather Ball, which will be held at the Burlington.
Playing with a five-inch shuttlecock, teams use their feet, shoulders and chest to pass the feather ball between each other and over a net, trying to score points against an opposing side.
A Phillips' spokeswoman said: "The feather ball is extremely rare and created a lot of interest among buyers.
This place used to be a haven for golf lovers where collectors of old golf books and trinkets would sell their wares in a throwback to the days of feather balls and mashie niblicks.
99, Plantation Rugs; Moroccan pouffe pounds 100, snowflakes pounds 29, leaping reindeer pounds 39, all Rockett St George; gift bags from 75p, mini trees pounds 1, white tree pounds 20, garland pounds 1, tree topper pounds 5, feather balls pounds 1, glass baubles pounds 4 for two, fuzzy stars pounds 1, mini stars pounds 2 for four, metal snowflakes pounds 1.
Add fruit, feather balls, flowers, and other dried material around the base to achieve a pleasing appearance.
Allan Robertson feather balls estimated at $9,300 - $12,400.
Feather balls with a manufacturer's mark are most desirable and can be worth hundreds or even thousands to the right collector.
More than 500 lots will go under the hammer, ranging from single old feather balls - featheries - and 19th century gutta-percha balls.