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Synonyms for feasting

eating an elaborate meal (often accompanied by entertainment)


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The indulgent new feasts stand in complete contrast to the idea of the feast as a setting for hospitality, the whole social network knitted together by feasting and banqueting.
I sense that he is disappointed by my Scrooge-like attitude to feasting but I can't help it.
The evidence, unearthed from a burial site in the Lower Galilee region of Israel, suggests that communal feasting may have fostered social relationships thought to be crucial to the creation of agricultural societies.
Our paper documents the first good evidence for feasting in the archaeological record that we know of," said Munro.
The religious aspect of feasting is explored, as is the social composition of the celebrants.
Feasting With The Deacon is a spiritual novel exploring the questions, "As spiritual beings, must we first feed our souls or give that attention to our bodies?
English composers later adapted the form, and since then madrigals have been associated with feasting and holiday revelry.
When the scientists dissected crabs, they found that the creatures had been feasting on tiny copepods, which could have come from overhead.
Charlemagne's Tablecloth: A Piquant History of Feasting.
Given the massive volume of feasting during Ghost Month, Kimberly Clark had a prime opportunity to make disposable kitchen towels a must-have accessory for cleaning and decorating during this period.
1) Many of the papers focused in one way or another on feasting, and I realized that the archaeological remains of feasting were more abundant than I had suspected.
Every district, at least once a year, celebrated a festival in honor of a local deity, usually with offerings and feasting.
He specifies that this celebration, far from being a one-time event, became a fixed part of the ritual calendar: "euer afterward, upon that day at night the Shoomakers make great cheare and feasting, in remembrance of these two Princely brethren: and because it might not be forgotten, t hey caused their names to be placed in the Kalender for a yeerly remembrance, which you shall find in the moneth of October, about three days before the feast of Simon and Jude" (137).
After a tour, groups enjoy an evening of medieval feasting, music and merry-making with a festive theme.