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in a practicable manner


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Non-water based lifeforms could feasibly live in the liquid methane and ethane lakes and seas that make up a large portion of Titan's surface, just as organisms on Earth live in water, Schulze-Makuch said.
Many institutional investors have a 7000-plus target on the UK index and if we were to break through the illusive 6870, then it stands to reason that the resulting momentum could feasibly bring 7000 in not too long at all.
While the local aquifers could feasibly supply the region with enough water, Palestinian mismanagement and Israel's presence in the area have prevented the proper infrastructure from being constructed.
What makes HULK dangerous is the fact that a single malicious actor with a single computer could feasibly take down a small, unhardened web server in minutes.
United currently enjoy a four-point advantage over Uxbridge, the only side that can feasibly overhaul them but Farmer would sleep comfortably if that slot behind St Neots and Slough could be sealed comes tomorrow night at the Peacocks' expense.
Malcolm Jefferson's nine-yearold mare was rated 109 over hurdles, but can feasibly become a better chaser with more experience - even though she has yet to fully convince.
Haritz (a legal advisor to the German Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Insurance) explores the extent to which liability law can feasibly play a role in climate change mitigation and adaptation given the inherent uncertainties of climate change science.
The group found that commercially viable quantities of aviation fuel could feasibly be derived from Australia's and New Zealand's non-food biomass sources, such as crop stubble, forestry residues, municipal waste and algae.
The responsibility for repaying the deficit should be placed on the financial elites, and could be feasibly repaid over a longer term.
And why would I feasibly want an England Rugby fleece, jacket or polo shirt?
The event tackled prospects, efficiency, feasibly, and exploitation of renewable energy resources in the Kingdom as well as means to increase the share of renewable energy in the energy mix.
Abdul Majid said that the worst suffers from private sector would be the export-oriented industry which would not feasibly materialize its export orders resulting to a wider gap to fill the fixed export targets as announced in the trade policy.
The Irish could feasibly beat Italy, but the fact is that a draw suits both teams, so call me cynical but that's exactly how it's going to finish.
Extending the main water line would cost around $40,000, and could feasibly be done this year.
We're at a point where we don't believe you can feasibly close this deal," Hexion CEO Craig Morrison testified during the first day of the trial in Wilmington, DE.