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Hillary Clinton and Cherie Blair are both fearsomely intelligent women, lawyers, mothers and the architects of their husbands' careers.
He was fearsomely handsome, with burning blue eyes and a penchant for hard living which long outlived his decision to give up alcohol.
Even so, few Potter fans will be tempted to chance their luck while most adults will be left with fearsomely bright but relatively unlovable characters.
Led by the fearsomely titled Yehuda HaMakabi ("Judah the Hammer") the Jewish rebellion that followed was a succesful guerilla war, eventually liberating the desecrated temple.
In others, it's on the lower lip, giving the fish a fearsomely pouty expression.
And indeed, Britten's fearsomely difficult A Boy was Born, choral variations composed whilst he was still a teenage student, formed the centrepiece of the programme.
Many think easy money comes from pursuing the obvious, notably selling to the fearsomely competitive electric car market where 90% of your customers are headed for insolvency.
Julia Roberts is neither particularly pretty nor fearsomely evil as the Queen in this adaptation of the classic Snow White Story.
Erol Rizaov comments for Utrinski Vesnik that the thing that scolded us over the past few days, not with hot water but with a cold shower is the interethnic fights and heated tensions that fearsomely announced danger of the country's destabilization.
It is an exquisite synthesis of text, illustration and book design that captures the elemental majesty of the animals resolute in their quest across the fearsomely beautiful, vast wilderness.
Never have I driven a car that's so fearsomely fast yet indulgently forgiving.
Superb performances from the likes of Binocular, Hurricane Fly, Peddlers Cross and Menorah have made the Champion Hurdle fearsomely difficult in terms of picking the winner, while you could give a dozen contenders a shout in the Gold Cup for the opposite reason, as you can pick holes in just about all of them.
Ponting is as admirably honest as he is fearsomely competitive, and admits he may have to give some thought at least to his habitual claim to the critical number three position.
As Scott tries to get closer to Ramona, he finds he must face an increasingly vicious rogues' gallery from her past, including infamous skateboarders to vegan rock stars and fearsomely identical twins.
One can only admire the philosophy with which New Zealand play the game, always looking to run and offload the ball in attack and fearsomely stubborn in defence.