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Synonyms for fearless

Synonyms for fearless

Synonyms for fearless

oblivious of dangers or perils or calmly resolute in facing them


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invulnerable to fear or intimidation

References in classic literature ?
Yes," said the girl; "and did you notice that the birds seem utterly fearless of them--really seem to hold them in contempt?
Did you ever see anything more utterly fearless or more terribly irresistible than that charge?
He gave no heed to my entreaties, but (as fearless a gentleman as lived in all the South) walked quickly to the center of the room, knelt beside one of the bodies for a closer examination and tenderly raised its blackened and shriveled head in his hands.
But Esther is a child as yet, a little merry romp of fourteen: as honest-hearted, and as guileless and simple as her sister, but with a fearless spirit of her own, that I fancy her mother will find some difficulty in bending to her purposes.
Too fearless," said the chevalier; "endeavor to bring them both back, count.
Since then I have seen many horses much alarmed and restive at the sight or sound of a steam engine; but thanks to my good master's care, I am as fearless at railway stations as in my own stable.
This fine old robber-knight was a devoutly and sincerely religious man, hospitable, charitable to the poor, fearless in fight, active, enterprising, and possessed of a large and generous nature.
He had caught both substance and shadowboth fortune and affection, and was just the happy man he ought to be; talking only of himself and his own concernsexpecting to be congratulatedready to be laughed atand, with cordial, fearless smiles, now addressing all the young ladies of the place, to whom, a few weeks ago, he would have been more cautiously gallant.
She looked up at me with some surprise, but with a fine fearless glance, and almost immediately said, "Certainly, what can I do?
On the contrary, he must attack and fall upon them with a gallant bearing and a fearless heart, and, if possible, vanquish and destroy them, even though they have for armour the shells of a certain fish, that they say are harder than diamonds, and in place of swords wield trenchant blades of Damascus steel, or clubs studded with spikes also of steel, such as I have more than once seen.
His fearless deportment, his words, so firm, yet dignified, the shades which by one word he had evoked, recalled to her the past in all its intoxication of poetry and romance, youth, beauty, the eclat of love at twenty years of age, the bloody death of Buckingham, the only man whom she had ever really loved, and the heroism of those obscure champions who had saved her from the double hatred of Richelieu and the king.
The Fearless Friend" was erected next to Birmingham's Bullring to mark Thursday's International Women's Day.
He said: "Having not flown for 23 years I had looked at the EASYJET Fearless Flyer course and was a bit sceptical whether it would work for me.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Jan 08 (ANI): Google doodle on Monday celebrated the 110th birthday of Bollywood actress and stunt queen Mary Ann Evans, popularly known as Fearless Nadia.
She called her theatre school Fearless because she realised she also had to be brave to follow her dream of setting up her own business.