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Synonyms for fealty

Synonyms for fealty

faithfulness or devotion to a person, a cause, obligations, or duties

Synonyms for fealty

the loyalty that citizens owe to their country (or subjects to their sovereign)


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Her powerful and ruthless family set her the task of procuring the feast for the upcoming Fealty Ceremony.
The administration has demanded that Pakistan crack down on the Haqqani network, an extremist group that professes fealty to the Taliban and that has carried out a number of spectacular attacks -- including an assault on the U.
Those reciting the Pledge of Allegiance (in all its iterations) conclude by promising fealty to a republic with "justice for all," yet a cursory look at US history suggests that there are many times and situations for which this really means "justice for just us.
Some followers pledged their fealty to him; others, however, chafed at his exhortations to remain focused on U.
That this prearranged display of fealty leads to the destruction of the boys' friendship--and of their lives--is one of the many ironies of Taia's richly textured novel.
Indeed, sectarian fault lines, together with the security forces' complete fealty to the monarchy, seriously diminish the likelihood of peaceful regime change
My fealty to the mighty Kauto Star knew no bounds but as any pro will tell you, the slightest trace of emotion when punting will sooner or later deliver you to the poor hoose.
Fealty refers to the duty citizens (employees) have to be unquestionably obedient to the king (company) and his appointed representatives (e.
The Economist has no ancestral fealty to any party, but an enduring prejudice in favour of liberalism," the editorial said.
We have no fealty to a certain store and no loyalty cards.
The issues raised in the article form a veritable checklist of halakhic concerns, from the questions of kavod ha'tsibur (respect for the congregation) and division raised by those expressing fealty to the tradition to the questions of inclusion and spirituality raised by Tova Hartman and others who challenge Orthodox strictures.
Joseph Sturge declared in all honesty (and with some heat) that he loathed the Established Church and could hardly campaign for its overthrow in his private life, but swear fealty to it as a councillor.
Porus was a raja, a semi-autonomous ruler of a very small area, one of scores who were allowed to rule their little principalities as long as they owed fealty to the Emperor.
It seems that Cold Fact's fealty tales foretold a lifetime of righteousness.
Bush's fealty to the insurance industry prompted his veto, but intense pressure on Republicans seeking re-election from physicians, the AARP, military veterans and Medicare beneficiaries was more than sufficient to overcome their loyalty to Bush and the insurance industry.