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Synonyms for fax

duplicator that transmits the copy by wire or radio

send something via a facsimile machine

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The Texans sued 35 companies that broadcast faxes to thousands of numbers, alleging that they violated the law by faxing commercial advertising without prior permission.
Enhanced Drop Directory: FaxPress Premier's drop directory is a powerful tool that allows third party applications to perform production faxing and control priority settings for each job submitted.
The FaxCore 4300 goes beyond faxing by extending the utility of fax communications, transforming static documents into intelligent or dynamic content.
com by Internet entrepreneur Steve Kirsch say that broadcast faxing "endangers safety" and costs consumers "tens of millions of dollars," as stated in a press release issued by Kirsch.
VSI-FAX for Notes took the North American Notes market by storm in 1998 by being the native solution to allow both users and administrators to handle all their faxing tasks from within native Notes interfaces," reported Peter Davidson, fax and strategic information delivery industry analyst at Davidson Consulting.
Cross Platform Support -- VSI-FAX is a standards based, open system, cross-platform solution that enables faxing from any application on Microsoft Windows NT, Windows 2000, Unix and Linux.
VisionLab provides companies with a complete line of cost-effective IP fax services, outfitting business solutions that range from desktop faxing to integrated high volume fax applications.
FaxStorm supports a complete set of IP fax service offerings for inbound and outbound faxing, both point-to-point and broadcast.