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Synonyms for fax

duplicator that transmits the copy by wire or radio

send something via a facsimile machine

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If I stacked up a day's worth of faxes, like a tower, it would probably be 6 feet tall - over my head,'' said 5-foot-4 Sandy Doll, one of two full-time workers employed by the New York-based association to sort and send off faxes.
The Texans sued 35 companies that broadcast faxes to thousands of numbers, alleging that they violated the law by faxing commercial advertising without prior permission.
Anyone with a computer on the network can send faxes.
With either Esker Fax and Esker Fax for Notes, organizations are furnished with a centralized system that both enables end-users to send faxes from their desktop computers and also acts as the production platform for sending faxes directly from enterprise applications such as Lotus Notes/Domino, SAP, Oracle and others.
To combat the fax glut, which seems particularly onerous in the fields of communications, law and government, some organizations are turning to paperless electronic mail, ``900'' numbers to make senders pay for faxes, or shutting off the machines after hours or on weekends.
Confidential transmission: Faxes sent between compatible machines from the same manufacturer can be tagged confidential with this feature.
Users can now send faxes over Venali's secure IP Fax network directly from any Microsoft Office System application, or receive faxes as images or text directly into their Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 email inbox.
Load Sharing: Load sharing between FaxPress Premier fax servers provide efficient distribution of inbound and outbound faxes across all available channels.
FaxPress Premier provides a seamless integration with Microsoft Office, allowing users to send faxes from within any Microsoft Office program using the "Send To" menu.
Faxes continue to be the documents that generate business including purchase orders, invoices, contracts, stock trade confirmations, bills of lading, and the list goes on," explained Peter Davidson, president of Davidson Consulting, a firm that specializes in newsletters, market research, consulting and conferences covering the convergence-of-messaging and fax-related technologies.
Delivering a new and convenient fax messaging solution that seamlessly integrates directly into all Microsoft Office 2003 applications enables users to send and receive faxes from Microsoft Outlook 2003 over Venali's secure IP fax network.
com faxes out missing children alerts for Operation Lookout, the Polly Klaas Foundation and other organizations.
Users can address faxes from public or private address books to individuals or groups, choose one or more attachments, select a cover page and send without ever leaving their desk.
New VSI-FAX Universal Fax Client -- The VSI Universal Fax Client provides users with the ability to send, receive, obtain status and manage faxes from most Java enabled platforms.