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Synonyms for fax

duplicator that transmits the copy by wire or radio

send something via a facsimile machine

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Computers require certain software to handle drawings, but a fax machine can handle a section of a blueprint, a sketch, or text with equal ease.
Others find it hard to part with Rolodexes, Liquid Paper and fax machines, though technological advances have created products that should have made them obsolete years ago.
Although all types of businesses use faxes, some seem to rely on the fax machine more than others.
Sharp's UX-340L and UX-345L models have all the bells and whistles found on other moderately priced fax machines, such as caller ID display, automatic cover sheet writer, 15-second-per-page transmission, and 10-sheet document feeder What makes this duo so special is they use low-cost routing (LCR), which allows them to automatically choose the cheapest available long distance carrier every time an outgoing, tax or phone call is made.
With the ever-increasing speed of modems at lower-than-ever costs, a computer that doubles as a fax machine is available to almost anyone.
As the fax machine further penetrates the home, it is likely more publishers will jump into fax delivery systems.
He also notes that the reproduction quality of faxed material is not consistent, and that there are some documents, such as books or lengthy reports, that the fax machine simply cannot handle.
When a fax machine receives an incoming document, it reconstructs the image in lines of tightly spaced dots.
Since the fax machine purports to travel at 9600 bps, it's only fair to compare that to a 9600 bps modem.
Among the most common features to a fax machine are automatic dialing; redialing; programmable, "one-touch" keys that dial a phone number; and "speed-dial" keys that function similarly to one-touch keys.
Environmental Protection Agency, one of the most energy-intensive pieces of business equipment is the paper-intensive fax machine because it is often left on around the clock.
completed his 90-day probation period and received, at company expense, his fax machine.
The eFax application also allows users to forward any document, including emails with attachments, and faxes, to a local fax machine for remote printing while traveling.
Until last April, the company used a fax machine to transmit orders and documents, which was cumbersome and inefficient.
Many note that modem-to-modern faxing is only possible if both parties have fax modems; the local supermarket, for example, may still rely on an old-fashioned fax machine for the receipt of customer's shopping lists instead of PC-to-PC faxing.