fawn lily

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California dogtooth violet with creamy white flowers sometimes yellow-tinged

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Well-bred fillies are also in evidence next week, led by Champagne Lawn (335), an Aljabr half-sister to a Grade 3 winner, Fawn Lily (417), a daughter of King's Best from the family of Balthazaar's Gift, and Street Diva (511), a Street Cry half-sister to Grade 2 winner Da Devil.
It's a race to outrun their gas cans and matches, to line the path to our creek with transplants of spice bush, yellow fawn lily, to set aside space in the garden for the frail.
The preserve harbors rare plants, including the elegant fawn lily, known to only five sites in the world, as well as unusual wetland habitats.
Also occurring here is a unique association of other plants such as Sierra laurel, star flower, and fawn lily.
Consider the coast fawn lily, its demure pink petals curving upward even as it turns its face toward the soil.