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a United States politician favored mainly in his or her home state

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Sa'di, also a favourite son of Qadhafi, acts as Libya's ambassador to the world of football.
Thunderous applause and not a bad word said about their favourite son.
It should not be surprising when Libyan and American troops stage joint exercises, with Qadhafi's favourite son Saif Ul Islam due to visit the US to discuss the details.
Various artists will be unleashed at intervals to create different installations exploring the relationship between image and architecture, permanence and ephemerality and so on, though perhaps none will match the Edler brothers' own effort in a demonstration press video featuring Graz's favourite son, Arnold Schwarzenegger, on one of his familiar cinematic rampages.
Prince Saud Ibn Abdullah, a favourite son of acting ruler and Crown Prince Abdullah.
TORONTO, June 25 /PRNewswire/ -- Toronto's favourite son and famous Hollywood star Mike Myers returned home today to be honoured at Toronto City Council.
These legends would sit in judgement, Of the Gods' favourite son, And rule if by deeds and actions, He should also be crowned as one.
AN ENGLAND player told me how Sir Alex Ferguson talked about Robin van Persie like he was his favourite son and about Wayne Rooney with little affection at all.
CARLISLE are ready to turn to favourite son Peter Beardsley - if Greg Abbott cannot improve things.
COLONEL Gaddafi's favourite son has fled Libya for Zimbabwe where he is raising support for his despot father's troops, intelligence chiefs believe.
The hunch is that Malaga's favourite son will struggle to be ultra-competitive this week and is looking to ease his way into the Ryder Cup.
CANADA'S favourite son Sidney Crosby enabled the ice hockey team to put the crowning finish on the host nation's Winter Olympic campaign with the sudden death overtime winning goal that secured a 3-2 victory over the USA.
Canvey Island's favourite son was in town and gave us just what we all wanted, classy, no-nonsense rhythm and blues.
The 44-strong cast and crew, aged seven to 11, were led by 10-year-old Christopher Tibbott (pictured), who played Jacob's favourite son.
The favourite son of former Indonesian autocrat Suharto went on trial for his life yesterday, opening a legal process that represents a key test for the president and what critics call a tainted judiciary.