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acceptance as satisfactory

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The Indian youths were informed of the favourable reception earned by the Tunisian participation in works of the recent UN General Assembly and the good impression left among participating delegations and international bodies and organisations.
Smaller companies, that can act flexibly, should receive a favourable reception for products which reduce the costs of gov-v ernment, or increases its revenue.
Despite the criticism levelled at Pullman from some clergy his work has met with a favourable reception in other quarters.
Though a relatively smaller market, Bahraini consumers have exhibited favourable reception to the product, recording imports of 500mt in 2003 and 589mt in 2004.
I'm glad we have received such a favourable reception from the minister.
he received a more favourable reception from the ladies than most gentlemen of his age would.
McGuinness made a submission to the council and, according to Noel Dillon of the Road Design Department, this looks like being given a favourable reception.
The early days are arguably the most interesting, as we see a number of often unacknowledged--and at times unwitting--catalysts at work helping to create a favourable reception for the movement.
On the other hand, the political plays of Marie della Grazie (1864-1931), Lu Marten (1879-1970), and Berta Lask (1878-1967) (Chapter 4) met with a more favourable reception, although it was as socialists rather than as dramatists that the authors were usually acknowledged.
On the economic front, the Ministers stressed the importance and urgent need to create a stable macro-economic environment and recalled that the adjustment programme Lebanon presented to the "Paris II" donors' conference, in November 2002, was given a favourable reception by the EU representatives attending the session.
He passes along to Michal news of the tremendously favourable reception of his Oxford lectures on Milton, though she can only laugh at them (9 Feb 1940); and he even admits that his work, which he claims finds its source in her, is ironically "scorned" by her (18 April 1940).
Already there has been a favourable reception to challenge matches and O'Byrne Cup ties played under lights this year.
INVESTMENT analysts have upped the price target for Alliance & Leicester following the favourable reception of last week's annual financial results.
The 75 saloon has had a favourable reception and picked up several awards since it first appeared in January, 2000.
NSS, just one year old, has a patent pending on the hollow underground foundation and reports a favourable reception from the local and international telecommunications industry.