favourable reception

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acceptance as satisfactory

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comments Sebastian-Justus Schmidt, SPB Software CEO - "After porting SPB TV to a new platform other than Windows Mobile we got a favourable reception from the mobile market, especially from mobile operators.
Though a relatively smaller market, Bahraini consumers have exhibited favourable reception to the product, recording imports of 500mt in 2003 and 589mt in 2004.
I'm glad we have received such a favourable reception from the minister.
he received a more favourable reception from the ladies than most gentlemen of his age would.
McGuinness made a submission to the council and, according to Noel Dillon of the Road Design Department, this looks like being given a favourable reception.
One report yesterday said a favourable reception from the United States could prompt Mr Green to table a pounds 8.
He passes along to Michal news of the tremendously favourable reception of his Oxford lectures on Milton, though she can only laugh at them (9 Feb 1940); and he even admits that his work, which he claims finds its source in her, is ironically "scorned" by her (18 April 1940).
INVESTMENT analysts have upped the price target for Alliance & Leicester following the favourable reception of last week's annual financial results.
The 75 saloon has had a favourable reception and picked up several awards since it first appeared in January, 2000.
NSS, just one year old, has a patent pending on the hollow underground foundation and reports a favourable reception from the local and international telecommunications industry.
Since being unveiled last week by Mr McCreevy, the prospect has encountered a generally favourable reception.
It has been accorded a favourable reception both in Quebec and in the rest of Canada and one can see why.
The business has benefited from the favourable reception of the Synchrony[TM] platform by major clients.
Cole has not always been popular with England fans but Hodgson believes he deserves a favourable reception at Wembley.
Nick Barmby: Few can cross the park and return to a favourable reception, and Nick Barmy was not one of those few following his move in summer 2000.