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Synonyms for favoritism

favorable or preferential bias

Synonyms for favoritism

an inclination to favor some person or group

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CHP reveals three lists detailing acts of nepotism, favoritism in state institutions
Many people have had the experience of being raised in a family where one or more members has been shown favoritism.
Allison said that their study found that peers are more likely to favor award candidates who are highly embedded in the field, whereas critics will not show such favoritism.
It is unfortunate, but I would like to say that we have so much favoritism in our game.
DM responds: Favoritism happens to students, and unfortunately in professional dance companies, too.
Favoritism is among the most popular topics in educational institutions.
Its demise made it seem that Congress was finally getting its priorities straight and would fund projects on need, not political favoritism.
That report laments, contrary to reason, "that inappropriate political interference [from the Bush administration] and media favoritism are compromising federal climate science.
He whinges about this favoritism until Luke collapses and is rushed to the hospital.
Two of the losing bidders--JC Decaux and Clear Channel Outdoor--have filed lawsuits over the bidding process on the grounds that "an inexperienced undercapitalized foreign company" had won the contract only because of favoritism and coaching by city officials.
The popularity of these contests seems to reflect a belief among Indian youth that they can make it on merit, and that democracy will win out over favoritism or family connections.
Timlin has denied showing favoritism to Liberatore.
National treatment of exporters of financial services has been particularly difficult to achieve with China (and other Asian economies), perhaps because this is exactly where asymmetric information is most problematical, and therefore favoritism is likely to play the largest role.
Content for the new title includes coverage of such topics as: professional development, compensation and benefits, surgical procedures, office management, client relations, communications strategies, finances, efficiency, client-related stress, missed charges, scheduling, staff relations, including favoritism and morale problems, and marketing.
He cited the recent controversy over the appearance of favoritism toward evangelical Christianity at the U.