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a United States politician favored mainly in his or her home state

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Although he was the third son of King John I of Portugal and Queen Philippa, the daughter of John of Gaunt, Henry was the king's favorite son.
FOX 2, The Parade Company and WWJ Newsradio 950 have joined forces to present FOX 2 HOMETOWN HOMECOMING, a parade that celebrates the return of Michigan's favorite son.
Thunder Bay's fame has also grown with the success of favorite son Steve Collins in ski jumping.
On Wall Street, we find that EMC continues to be the brokerage bunch's favorite son.
Former Alva dread and Pacifica's own favorite son, Chris Cook, gave an emotional address at the opening ceremonies where he was honored as the project's head designer.
Ken Burns Jazz Collections (2000) Public Broadcasting's favorite son admitted that he knew little about jazz when he began this project, but in the course of producing a 19-hour film (Jazz, 10-disc DVD), the inevitable companion book (Jazz: A History of Music, by Geoffery Ward), and a five-CD box set (Ken Burns Jazz: The Story of American Music), Burns has certainly earned a graduate degree in America's most important musical idiom.
Occasionally, early modern artisans did write of personal sentiment, as when the tanner Parets broke his cataloguing of events and lists of names to turn inward and mourn the loss of his wife and favorite son during Barcelona's plague of 1651.
Of the six performances, none were more eagerly anticipated than the first two, which featured the Colon's favorite son and daughter in Zarko Prebil's take on the Petipa classic, a Colon staple since 1980.
Favorite son Horus, promoted to Warmaster, must carry out a plan which pits him against his brothers.
This 250th anniversary bouquet to Salzburg's favorite son has popular Russian soprano Anna Netrebko joining colleagues Bryn Terfel, Elina Garanca, Thomas Quasthoff and Rene Pape in sparkling recordings of arias and duets from Mozart operas, accompanied by podium stars Claudio Abbado (debuting his newly founded Orchestra Mozart) and Sir Charles Mackerras.
Monrovia's favorite son, Ben Schroeder, man-handled the combi with lipslide roll-ins through the corner, big backside Smiths, late grab eggs, and hair raising sweeper disaster on the hip crashing into sixth.
Jazz music found its roots in New Orleans, thanks to favorite son Louis "Satchmo" Armstrong.
AFTER 10 years of being rebuffed, refused and rejected, Los Angeles is suddenly the favorite son of the NFL (National Fickle League).
RKO Pictures has teamed with Philadelphia-area natives Joe Nicolo (Executive Producer), Carl Mazzocone (Co-Producer), Dina Merrill, and Philadelphia's favorite son, Sylvester Stallone, to bring some brotherly love-card shark style-to the Philadelphia Film Festival with the premiere of SHADE.