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  • adj

Synonyms for favored

given special, usually doting treatment

being a favorite

Synonyms for favored

preferred above all others and treated with partiality

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Persons who made bequests to charity usually favored relatives, godchildren, servants and friends as well; persons who favored relatives tended to give also to servants and friends, and there is also a correlation between bequests to servants and friends.
On a related issue, 67 percent of public-school parents favored making tax-supported "child-care centers available for all preschool children as part of the public school system.
The next time the question was asked in 2012, a similar majority still favored the use of nuclear energy.
Americans were split on which segment of society is favored by President Obama's policies with almost twenty-one percent saying that his policies favoured the rich, while 22 percent said that they favored the middle class.
Maurice Greene (Chatsworth), who won two gold medals in 2000, is favored in the men's 100 meters and could win another medal in the 400 relay.
While more than 21% of all the taxpayers surveyed could not decide whether they favored a new tax system, only 3% of those who received the guide summary said they were undecided.
Steinberg found that the majority of registered Democrats favored secession.
The poll, conducted last summer, found that 70 percent of respondents favored government improvement of public schools, while 28 percent backed vouchers.
The first survey, commissioned by the Renewable Resources Coalition (RRC) and conducted by Hellenthal & Associates, asked 400 registered voters in the Bristol Bay Region whether they favored or opposed the proposed open pit gold and copper mine being proposed for the area.
In his motion to have Judge Joseph DeVanon dismissed from the case, defense attorney Charles Mathews argued that the judge repeatedly made biased rulings that favored the prosecution.
Forty-four percent of poll respondents favored the idea while 52 percent were opposed.
In the first worldwide survey of its kind to study consumer security preferences, the Unisys research also found that 66 percent of consumers worldwide also favored biometrics as the ideal method to combat fraud and identity theft as compared to other methods such as smart cards and tokens.
color) Ninety-seven percent of responses to a Santa Clarita survey favored expanding the city's sphere of influence.
More than 70% of GPs in the United Kingdom also favored treatment of cholesterol or triglycerides, hypertension, overweight, or all factors, and 60% favored the use of oral antidiabetics in the management of metabolic syndrome.
PNTR will replace annual congressional reviews and votes on ``most favored nation'' trade status for China.