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  • adj

Synonyms for favored

given special, usually doting treatment

being a favorite

Synonyms for favored

preferred above all others and treated with partiality

References in classic literature ?
Fortune also favored them in the fact that just at this moment the prison doors had been opened for the march of the condemned man, and every soldier and idle lout in the market-lace had trooped thither to see him pass along.
The children who had learned to look for the books about Oz and who loved the stories about the gay and happy people inhabiting that favored country, were as sorry as their Historian that there would be no more books of Oz stories.
She glanced at the girls on the lawn, and decided that they were unworthy of serious notice, on the part of a person so specially favored as herself.
The oligarchs have already developed caste among themselves; but wait until the favored unions develop caste.
In the favored unions are the flower of the American workingmen.
On the other hand, the labor castes, the members of the favored unions, will strive to make their organizations into close corporations.
As clearly as in the light of past events, he saw the defection of the favored unions, the rise and the slow decay of the labor castes, and the struggle between the decaying oligarchs and labor castes for control of the great governmental machine.
Forty-three percent favored calorie postings in amusement parks.
Nearly 47 percent favored Israel and 11 percent favored the Palestinians in the 30-49 age bracket and 59 percent favored Israel and 11 percent favored the Palestinians in the 50-64 age bracket.
When asked if they favored banning a variety of different types of firearms, a majority (58%) favored banning "assault rifles.
Other recent developments in welding flame lawsuits have favored plaintiffs as well, such as In re Welding Fume Products Liability Litigation.
In general, 55% of parents favored parental notification, and 28% considered it a bad idea.
The university's Media and Research Group released a survey in mid December, showing that 44 percent of respondents favored some restrictions on American Muslims' civil liberties.
Pleasantly Perfect, among 13 horses ``pre-entered'' this week for the Classic, is favored to win the 1 1/2-mile race.
Founded by Thomas Jefferson, the Democratic-Republican Party favored a weak central government and strong state governments.