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showing approval

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It is well for you that I am favorably inclined; for, otherwise, you would hardly escape being snapped up by the dragon.
A thousand, thousand thanks, dearest Mademoiselle Hennequin," said Betts, in an incoherent, half-sane manner; "you have read my letter, and I may interpret this interview favorably.
If she looked favorably upon another, do you mean, monsieur?
Gallatin, one of the most enlightened statesmen of our country, was favorably received, but no step was taken in consequence; the President not being disposed, in all probability, to commit himself by any direct countenance or overt act.
de l'Aubepine; and we would fain do the little in our power towards introducing him favorably to the American public.
The noun "angel" being of common gender suits the case admirably, and the epithet is sure of being favorably received.
Though he expected that the story of his escapade would be already known in Moscow and that the ladies about his father- who were never favorably disposed toward him- would have used it to turn the count against him, he nevertheless on the day of his arrival went to his father's part of the house.
But Rodney could never resist making trial of the sympathies of any one who seemed favorably disposed, and Denham's praise had stimulated his very susceptible vanity.
The sister is pretty," said Celia, implying that she thought less favorably of Mr.
They spoke together and La and Tarzan could see that they were not favorably inclined toward the proposition.
I could not have been more pleased with any weapon, short of a rifle, which he could have found for me, since I have been adept with the rope from early childhood; but I must confess that I was less favorably inclined toward my apparel.
Tarzan had heard of the respect in which Arabs held a lion-killer, and he was not sorry that chance had played into his hands thus favorably to relieve him of the petty tortures of the tribe.
He was not very favorably impressed with his visitor.
Some publisher's reader may be mad enough or drunk enough to report favorably on it.
In the original form of publication the Rogue was very favorably received.