favorable reception

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acceptance as satisfactory

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Midas announced the continuance of their sales festival at Midas showrooms until March 31, and which has witnessed favorable reception from the public so far.
Vallance's favorable reception at last year's Basel Art Fair was only the latest sign of the cultlike favor he has found in Europe.
Mazzuto was met with a favorable reception on Wednesday, including men's basketball coach Bobby Braswell, who said he liked Mazzuto's leadership style, commitment to upgrading facilities and ability to recognize the unique problems facing Northridge.
Based on the favorable reception and the demand from those guys out east who wanted a shorter bow, we came out with the 31 this year," said Doug Hutchison, Director of Operations.
And, says RxHub, because more than 30 percent of consumers report having experienced a preventable medical error, messages to patients about e-prescribing should meet with a favorable reception.
More than 100 students, faculty, and staff attended the event, and its favorable reception has Growden already planning another one.
Mazda began full business operations in Russia in 2003, with strong sales growth attributable to the favorable reception of the Mazda3 and Mazda6.
We anticipate favorable reception from retailers and are looking forward to a good show and hopefully kicking off the final three quarters of the year.
The company has enjoyed a favorable reception and, just a year after its founding, received The Independence Foundation Fellowship Award.
And Wall Street's favorable reception to the stock--it opened at $14 on Tuesday and closed at $15.
Moreover, with the module enjoying a favorable reception by North American OEMs, Mann+Hummel reports, it has been awarded three follow-on projects from the Volkswagen Group.
A very favorable reception was received by potential buyers in Russia, where we hope to grow a cash business in the near term," concluded Baert.
Termini's success in getting AHCA to accept his ideas for enlisting family members as advocates could provide a much-needed boost to the long-term care field in its efforts to gain a more favorable reception from the public and policymakers.
If the Filshie clip system receives a favorable reception in the United States, as it has in Europe, Africa, Malaysia, Australia, and Canada, it will become established as a major advance in surgical fertility control," Dr.
The Ministry of Education's evaluation and the very favorable reception at the forum are even more important for Tengtu than our recent approval from the Beijing Science and Technology Commission," said Tengtu International Chairman and CEO Pak K.