favorable position

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the quality of being at a competitive advantage

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I think the classic problems still remain though: how much information do you need, how much do you already have, and how do you assign meaning to that information in a way that moves the business into a favorable position.
Consumers find themselves in the favorable position of experiencing growth in real household income at a time when consumer goods are becoming more affordable.
Presumably, a hypothetical buyer would pay a premium to obtain the lessee's favorable position in the leasehold.
Back-to-back road victories have put AVC in a favorable position in the conference nearing the midway point of the season.
The marketplace has hot been in a favorable position for companies to go public," said Milnor, adding that the company will continue to enjoy the many benefits it's finding in being a mutual holding company.
The agreement also includes a regasification contract that "provides a very favorable position to supply natural gas to Puerto Rico, a very important asset in light of the increased demand for natural gas forecast for the near future.
Radyne ComStream believes we are in a favorable position to win up to 2 follow-on orders of approximately the same size over the next year.
The recent announcements by Anheuser-Busch, Molson, and Quinsa underscore their conviction in the market's long term potential-- and their interest in staking out a favorable position.
CONGRESS MAY BE MOVING TOWARD A MORE favorable position for Medicare home health agencies.
Similarly, a portfolio of properties with old leases at below current market rates may be in a favorable position when it is time to roll over the leases.
This action was taken in order to place the Company in a favorable position to attract the equity and debt financing required to continue to execute its business plan.
The Mustangs have a critical doubleheader at second-place Point Loma Nazarene today, possibly needing a split to keep themselves in favorable position.
Zorzi brings to the position a certain knowledge of the companies many products and the ability to align the company in a favorable position in the markets which the company operates, being Telecommunications, Gaming, Amusement, Multimedia, and the Vending industry.
We've earned a favorable position among our distributors because of our aggressive price strategy," Cook concluded.
Bluesocket's solid product portfolio and customer base, along with its growth numbers in 2006, put the company in a favorable position to benefit from this industry trend.