favorable position

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the quality of being at a competitive advantage

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Nevertheless, Bajaj Allianz General Insurance's focus on achieving underwriting profitability and competitive cost structure places it in a favorable position to compete in the challenging environment.
Rabat - Morocco reaffirmed his favorable position to join the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), Communications Minister, Spokesman of the Government, Khalid Naciri, said Thursday.
The company intends to gain a favorable position among the major players in the industry by offering a performing maintenance service supported by an ongoing training of the technical teams.
The property is located on a good Midtown South block," said Ezratty, "and the buyer is in a favorable position because he can build either a hotel or condominium on the site, or he can do virtually nothing and continue to enjoy operating an income-producing property until market fundamentals change to his liking.
The Iso entry is designed first to isolate the post player (4) in the middle of the free-throw lane so that he may receive the ball in a favorable position to deny any sort of defensive help.
I think the classic problems still remain though: how much information do you need, how much do you already have, and how do you assign meaning to that information in a way that moves the business into a favorable position.
Consumers find themselves in the favorable position of experiencing growth in real household income at a time when consumer goods are becoming more affordable.
Presumably, a hypothetical buyer would pay a premium to obtain the lessee's favorable position in the leasehold.
Back-to-back road victories have put AVC in a favorable position in the conference nearing the midway point of the season.
The marketplace has hot been in a favorable position for companies to go public," said Milnor, adding that the company will continue to enjoy the many benefits it's finding in being a mutual holding company.
The agreement also includes a regasification contract that "provides a very favorable position to supply natural gas to Puerto Rico, a very important asset in light of the increased demand for natural gas forecast for the near future.
The recent announcements by Anheuser-Busch, Molson, and Quinsa underscore their conviction in the market's long term potential-- and their interest in staking out a favorable position.
CONGRESS MAY BE MOVING TOWARD A MORE favorable position for Medicare home health agencies.
Similarly, a portfolio of properties with old leases at below current market rates may be in a favorable position when it is time to roll over the leases.
This action was taken in order to place the Company in a favorable position to attract the equity and debt financing required to continue to execute its business plan.