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Faunistic inventory of flagellate protozoa community recorded in six environments (Where: Guar: Guarana; M-Lui: Maria Luiza; Por: Porcos; Aure: Aurelio; Fech: Fechada; P-Gar: Pousada das Garcas) associated to Baia river, during the periods of high water (H) and low water (L), in the upper Parana river floodplain.
Looking at the map in Hiitonen's flora, or in any of the faunistic handbooks of the Vanamo Society in the series Suomen elaimet--Animalia Fennica--and this applies not only to the books of the 1930s and 1940s, but even to works like Rauno Linnavuori's handbook on Finnish Hemipterans, published in the 1960s (Linnavuori 1966-1969)--beyond the Eastern border of Finland, one finds a number of geo-ecological provinces which cover all East Karelia and the Kola peninsula (Map 3).
All other species may be characterized as Ponto-Mediterranean faunistic elements (sensu De Lattin 1949, 1967).
However, these prey items were not found in Aysen fjord, which could be explained by the presence of two zones in the Aysen area with different physical and faunistic conditions: the fjord channels and a marine zone (Arntz et al.
The recent focus on biodiversity decline and conservation efforts demonstrates significant gaps in our faunistic knowledge.
At 30% level of similarity which correspond to a faunistic dissimilarity for the bay we observe 3 groups: group I formed by 13 stations from middle SQB and east BE at a higher level of similarity it is subdivided in two groupings IA formed by stations from middle BF and south BSQ and IB which gather stations from the southern half of BSQ.
Duellman (1979) argued for a faunistic exchange between the Pacific lowlands and the Maranon Valley across the low passes of the Western Cordillera (Abra de Porculla); this pattern is also reflected in my botanical data.
Appendix 7;- Special / Additional services: faunistic mapping (bats, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish, dragonflies), species protection Technical Paper, FFH compliance check, participation in the planning approval process.
At the same time peat bog ecosystems can host most interesting from the faunistic point of view species (Druk, 1982).
Stuke also presented new faunistic records for nine previously described species, an identification key to Afrotropical species and a checklist with the revised and currently known distributions.
The construction of massive reservoirs and the conversion to irrigated agriculture of most of the low-lying coastal thorn forests of Sinaloa and southern Sonora has likely resulted in massive faunistic changes in this region over the past few decades.
Ecological and faunistic studies on tardigrades in leaf litter of beech forests.