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A total of 73 501 fragments (of which 16 786 were identifiable) were recovered during excavation: the largest prehistoric faunal assemblage from Wales.
Extinctions and faunal turnovers of early vertebrates during the Late Silurian Lau Event, Gotland, Sweden.
Inner shelf deposits represent a wider spectrum of marginal marine deposits Faunal diversity is low and normal marine fauna are lacking, except for imperforate benthic foraminifera such as miliolids, Dendritina and perforate rotaliids which indicate quite sheltered conditions [11].
Our findings support the argument that ongoing curation and periodic review of collections is critical for maintaining accurate regional faunal lists, in developing hypotheses about the geographic distributions of species, and to track changes in both through time.
On the basis of faunal evidence, Fortey and Cocks (2003) show the Early Paleozoic terranes in Kazakhstan as a collage of microplates located adjacent to the northern Gondwanan margin.
The aim of the paper is to establish, on the basis of faunal remains recovered from the Pada settlement site, the species' structure and slaughter ages of the animals.
Changes in the conodont succession in the interval studied are assumed to reflect primarily general evolutionary trends of faunas (Mannik & Viira 1993; Mannik 2001) rather than faunal shifts due to the facies variations.
Ewango, of Epulu, Democratic Republic of the Congo, who protected the Okapi Faunal Reserve through years of civil war.
Issues such as the availability of water; floral, faunal, and cultural adaptation to harsh environments; and common aesthetic attitudes towards desert climates will share significant similarities.
Due to CRES' significant discovery of the gorilla population, the Cameroonian government has recommended that their Ebo forest habitat be protected as a faunal sanctuary.
The four units they recognized as comprising the Bass Islands Series were defined based on faunal content and superposition.
Brunet said he is collaborating with an east African team to study the faunal exchange mechanisms and dynamics to understand the origin and spreading of the first human lineage representatives and consequently the hominid history.
He found this predatory stilt bug at the Bernice Bishop Museum in Honolulu, Hawaii, among specimens that had been collected by scientists during a faunal survey of Southeast Asia.
Preliminary Investigations of Faunal Material from the Late Woodland Site of Dieffenderfer (20SJ179).