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The presence of abundant Pinjor faunal element in India and Pakistan indicate that there was to- and fro- movement of fauna in these regions (Maglio, 1973; Sarwar, 1977; Dennell et al.
This unique faunal turnover is well documented in the beautifully exposed exceptionally fossiliferous Permian and Triassic rocks sequence of the Salt Range continuing west and southwest in the Surghar Range (Fig.
In this regard, during the period, the sources said, ZSP had undertaken faunal survey of two protected areas and also conservation oriented studies of endangered and threatened species for trophy-hunting programme.
The faunal assemblage of larger benthic foraminifera along with other fauna was used as palaeo environmental indicator.
The Lau Event was described on Gotland as a stepwise event with faunal turnovers that affected the conodonts and some other fossil groups (Jeppsson 1993; Jeppsson & Aldridge 2000).
Split Ridge, Southern California), form the trophic base of a diverse faunal community but have not yet been characterized.
Warmwater species increasingly spread north and east, thus blurring the formerly stable boundaries between different faunal regions.
Among the topics are inferring processes of Neolithic gene-culture co-evolution using genetic and archaeological data: the case of lactase persistence and dairying, evaluating the appearance and spread of domestic caprines in the southern Levant, early stock-keeping in Greece, the origin of stock-keeping and spread of animal exploitation strategies in the Early and Middle Neolithic of the North European Plain, and zoological data from Late Mesolithic and Neolithic sites in Switzerland about 6000-3500 BC, and earlier Neolithic subsistence in Britain and Ireland as seen through faunal remains and stable isotopes.
But according to a study conducted by Maharaj Pandit at the University of Delhi, India, and R Edward Grumbine at the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Kunming, extinction is looming for the flora and faunal species of the Himalayas.
53% of above-ground biomass as a result of logging but despite this high level of degradation, logged forest retained considerable conservation value: floral species richness was higher in logged forest than in primary forest and while faunal species richness was typically lower in logged forest, in most cases the difference between habitats was no greater than ca.
Faunal lists may increase from additional collecting, curation and examination of previously collected material, and geographic range expansion of species (Fauske et al.
The mixed-crop zone was found better than cotton-wheat zone with respect to faunal diversity that may be functional in keeping the sustainability of agro-ecosystem intact.
Among the topics are the distribution of microorganisms on ancient wall paintings as related to associated faunal elements, aerobiological research and problems in libraries, a laboratory investigation of the microbial degradation of silk, fungal growth on synthetic cloth from Apollo spacesuits, fungal bioturbation paths in a compact disk, microbial deterioration found in archaeological wood from different environments, epilithic and endolithic bacterial communities in limestone from a Maya archaeological site, and advantages of using microbial technology instead of conventional chemical technology to remove black crusts from stone surfaces of historical monuments.
Fatka and Mergl provide an overview of the complex evolution of terrane terminology, and argue, largely on the basis of faunal evidence, for the existence of Perunica as a microcontinent that is separate from the Armorican Terrane Assemblage throughout the Ordovician.
Though faunal assemblages provide some indication of diet breadth they provide little insight as to resource potentials and thereby little means to assess whether an apparent shift in prey choice reflects resource depression or a decline in NISPs associated with data recovery.