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ancient Italian deity in human shape, with horns, pointed ears and a goat's tail

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Mike Holdcraft, Vice President at FAUN Trackway USA, said: "Our newest portable roadway and helipad systems offer practical and safe access to a variety of environments to armed forces around the world and we're looking forward to discussing them in further detail with attendees.
Punk Faun is Olsen's best work to date and represents a substantial advance from Secure Portable Space (although everyone should read the humorous rewriting of a portion of Charles Olson's Maximus Poems, called the "Minimaus Poems," in which she pours cold satirical water on the grand guru's flaming testosterone).
Nick Preston, commercial and marketing director, said: "The merger of FAUN and Zoeller in 2011 has given us a platform to further increase our share of the UK market.
Faun has played many of the local Faerieworlds events, and will play two nights during this one.
The launch of Trackway in Europe has doubled turnover for Faun year on year since 2006, and the majority of this has been through export business and after recently winning two contracts to the value of over Au8 million ($11.
Among the impressive characters created by Lewis and which came to life in Adamson's movie is Mr Tumnus, the faun (McAvoy), who befriends Lucy as soon as she finds herself in Narnia.
The House of the Faun is a passionate tale of forbidden love set within ancient Pompeii.
The text is The Marble Faun and the figure is the speaker itself: the half-goat and half-man image carved of marble and set in a formal garden.
And soon after that, a Faun stepped out from the trees.
Lucy finds a lamp post in the midst of a snowy scene; she encounters a faun named Mr.
Dennis Eagle, Geesink Norba, Heil Europe and Faun have all booked stand space in the waste management and recycling zone.
The twelve essays included here discuss Hawthorne's time in Concord with transcendentalists and utopian idealists, his work as a cultural theorist, his role in defining American masculinity, his involvement in the women's 'emancipation', the author's use of the sketch in his last published work, his view of American history and national identity and then of childhood and four essays discussing The Scarlet Letter, The House of the Seven Gables, The Blithedale Romance and The Marble Faun.
I found Viacheslav Samodurov's erotic performance as the flute-playing faun lounging on a rock in the noon-tide heat, totally mesmerising.