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the quality of being without an error or fault

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Jenkins notes that Asaiga drives this point home with multiple examples of compassionate ethical transgression, "repeatedly closing with the final phrase expressing the bodhisattva's faultlessness and generation of abundant merit, anapattiko bhavati bahu ca punyam prasuyate, a total of nine times" (302).
the influence of his psychophysiological peculiarities upon faultlessness and occupational safety should be considered.
the faultlessness of the language or by the grassroots biculturalism of
Perfection implies faultlessness or zero errors (Ashcraft and Foreman-Peck, 1985) and is most relevant to industries.
12 (BNA) -- In the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Bahraini National day(December 16), BNA will be broadcasting a series of reports of various achievements of Governmental entities, and will start with the report about Bahrain Defense Force (BDF): The BDF has revealed recently, the combating capabilities of different of its weapons, which speaks the right path the leaderships takes in providing the most recent weapons that comply with our climate, alongside the facilitation of training and preparation so that the BDF personnel can perform their jobs in faultlessness.
Matthew Arnold's "touchstones" Sublimity--words, thought, conception, imagination, feeling --a rare combination --prefers Iliad to Odyssey --typical Greek fear of so much fantasy in the Odyssey Faultlessness --greatness not to be confused with accuracy.
Mark Kelman argues that retributivism serves "ideological needs": "if one reacts with enough horror and shock at the idea of punishing those one defines as faultless without paying much attention to how faultlessness is defined--perhaps one can .
Total faultlessness is, of course, unattainable for any human being, and Grant does acknowledge some negative aspects of Langdon' s efforts.
What he had not been able to imagine had been the strange quality of her beauty, its faultlessness and blank terror.
Needles to say all this is put together with the normal Audi faultlessness and the best quality trim materials.
Indeed, perhaps the aspiration of the student of international legal research should not be faultlessness but, to paraphrase Professor Louis Henkin, to be able to locate almost all the sources on almost all of the major issues from almost all of the relevant actors almost all of the time.
In his historiographical study, Americans Interpret Their Civil War, Pressly asserted that supporters of the Union had "confident assurance of the evil of their late foes and of their own virtual faultlessness.
It is idle therefore to expect a system that shall exhibit faultlessness or perfection.