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Synonyms for faultiness

the state of being defective

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Framing is crucial to turn an ambiguous, potentially faulty performance into a performance of faultiness.
They said that instead of admitting that he has failed to strike a justifiable deal the MD is now criticizing employees who having better future vision and are exposing the possible faultiness of this dubious deal.
26) The Ah Chong opinion contains several long paragraphs detailing the faultiness of the anti-Chinese constitutional provisions before cutting directly to the bone of the matter in a brief penultimate paragraph that drips disappointed frustration:
Soon freedom and relationships became the very faultiness that divided liberals and conservatives, as matters of gender and sexuality in the 1960s and 1970s drove conservative Protestant counselors back to a more directive approach to moral questions, while liberals championed women's rights and equality.
This expression in itself shows the faultiness of the analysis.
Although China has become global auto production power country, but the irrational industrial structure, technical level is not high, the independent development ability weak, consumption policy faultiness and so on problems are still prominent, energy, environmental protection and urban transportation, etc.
When I have ceased to break my wings Against the faultiness of things And learned that compromises wait Behind each hardly opened gate.
Corrie blithely attempts to overcome expressions of defeatism and doubt, but at its most honest her writing recognises such moments of affective disrepair as stopping places in which one might think through the feeling of faultiness to fortify a faltering sense of commitment.
65) The victims of vagrancy laws began to insist on either their right to make their own place, the faultiness of the whole idea of place, or both.
Turkey is criss-crossed with faultiness and frequently suffers earthquakes.
The faultiness of the first search for a definition and the soundness of the second, for White, stand as testimony to the importance of the content of the myth.
Since her treble Folk Award winning breakthrough success in 2005 with debut album Faultiness, her follow-up Scribbled in Chalk has reinforced her reputation for refreshingly honest and unaffected vocals and a humane and literate song-writing sensibility.
British champion Michael Lee collected a faultiness maximum, with Terry Belts and Ian Turner scoring 10 points each for King's Lynn,
The experimental error in other frequency and temperature ranges proved to be too great due to the faultiness of the instrumental technique itself.
at 220-21 (highlighting the faultiness of human memories when information is inconsistent with stereotypes and pointing out that people can also have "'memory illusions,' in which [people] recall stereotype-confirming behaviors that never actually transpired") (citing Tadesse Araya et al.